HEADLINE: Suicide Bombing at Astana Anyar Bandung Police, Deradicalization Program Evaluated?

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – An explosion in Bandung to be precise at Headquarters New Astana Police on Wednesday 7 December 2022 morning, it not only shocked the people in West Java, but this became a national scale. Allegations that the police and a number of institutions are monitoring the movements terrorist considered careless began to arrive. … Read more

19 stars leaving in 2022!Ai Cheng committed suicide by falling from a building, the most shocking thing is that Yu Yuanqi is still gone after 8 years of fighting cancer | ETtoday Starlight Cloud | ETtoday News Cloud

Reporter Tian Weiwei / comprehensive report People have joys and sorrows. Since January 2022, many artists have left us. The news was not confirmed until more than a month after Cai Tou passed away. Yu Yuanqi worked hard to fight cancer for 8 years. , but her strength will remain in our hearts forever, let … Read more

Assisted suicide in Switzerland, Maximilian died

Even Marco Cappato, “who on this occasion did not directly accompany Massimiliano, will report himself as the legal representative of the Civil Rescue Association which organized and financed Massimiliano’s trip to Switzerland. Filomena Gallo, lawyer and national secretary of the ‘Luca Coscioni association”. Massimiliano, not being kept alive by life support treatments, had no possibility … Read more

Died with assisted suicide in Switzerland suffering from sclerosis – Tuscany

After the public appeal launched in recent days to be able to put an end to his suffering in Italy, Massimiliano, a 44-year-old Tuscan who has been ill with multiple sclerosis for six years, died today in a Swiss clinic via assisted suicide. The news was given by the Luca Coscioni association to which the … Read more

Assisted suicide, the last video message from Massimiliano: “Why can’t I do it in Italy? Forced to leave, to leave”

“I am almost completely paralyzed and I find it hard to even speak. Since a couple of years since I can’t take it anymore, this body is broken, it can’t take it anymore so I started to read up on the internet about painless suicide methods. And I finally achieved my dream. Too bad I … Read more

Final Fantasy 16 will be very dark: it will include elements such as torture, suicide, drug use and other more complex themes – Final Fantasy XVI

The fans of the saga Final Fantasy they want to Final Fantasy XVIa title that, as the weeks go by, shows more information and different trailers. Little by little they are showing more information and from Square Enix they want a pitch to match. We recently reported that Final Fantasy XVI made the cut in … Read more

She committed suicide after being harassed. The prosecution in Egypt reveals details about “Alia”

The Egyptian Public Prosecution revealed the details of the suicide of the girl, Alia Amer, who jumped from the third floor after being subjected to an incident of harassment. Commenting on the death of the girl after she fell from the balcony of her residence on the third floor in Itay al-Baroud, the Public Prosecution … Read more

The suicide of a girl who was molested by her cousin.. and a strange reaction from her father when she told him what happened • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The suicide of a girl by jumping from the top of the property in which she resides, after she was subjected to severe psychological pressure, in the city of Itay al-Baroud in Buhaira Governorate, north of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, sparked widespread anger on social media. The girl committed suicide by jumping from … Read more

Assisted suicide, Marco Cappato reports himself after Switzerland

November 26, 2022 1:13 pm The treasurer of the Luca Coscioni association reported himself to the carabinieri after accompanying an 82-year-old to die in a private clinic State violence – Marco Cappato explains the reason for the choice of assisted suicide. “The trap into which the 82-year-old was about to fall definitively was that of … Read more

Creepy Ryan: the youtuber reported for instigating the suicide of a 14 year old in Vicenza

The police reported and blacked out the channel of one youtuber accused of instigation to suicide. The power of attorney of Ravenna identified and reported the young youtuber from Vicenza on charges of uploading videos that incited the suicide. The story began when the parents of a underage they went to the police telling that … Read more