A millionaire from Latvia commits suicide in the USA

Investment banker, co-owner of Moscow nightclub Soho Rooms and millionaire Dan Rapoport committed suicide in Washington. Journalist and former Tatler columnist Junia Pugacheva announced this on her Telegram channel. “The co-owner of the Soho Rooms club in Moscow, one of the first emigrants who came to Russia during the privatization boom and made a fortune … Read more

The male star haunted house regrets that “it’s a pity to die early”… Reading the suicide note and singing, the temple master refused to enter the temple: he followed you and wanted to marry in a ghost | Entertainment | CTWANT

There are many taboos in the seventh month of the lunar calendar. If the workplace is special, there are even more taboos. Eason (Huang Yinxuan) said that he used to go out with Wuzun, but he didn’t expect Wuzun to praise the deceased for being beautiful, so he went to the temple the next day … Read more

Patient commits suicide at Faro Hospital without safety measures

By Felícia Cabrita and Maria Moreira Rato The patient’s history required extra care, close surveillance. He was a depressed man and suffered from anxiety and insomnia, like so many others, and was properly medicated for both disorders. The latest events were, in themselves, enlightening. The Algarve, like the Alentejo, is one of the areas of … Read more

The anger of Donatella Hodo’s boyfriend commits suicide in prison: “They left her alone.” The lawyer: “Everyone is committed, even the judge”

Anger from the boyfriend of Donatella Hodo, 27-year-old committing suicide in prison after inhaling gas from the cell stove. “It wasn’t the suicide in prison of a drug addict. Donatella, my Dona, had been clean for a year. Now that it’s gone, I read and hear poison comments. Too many are making judgments without knowing … Read more

The drama of Donatella, the 27-year-old suicide in prison with a stove: Forgive me

The story of Donatella, who committed suicide in the Montorio prison, in the Veronese area, inhaling gas from a stove. In a letter to her boyfriend she wrote: “I’m sorry. You are the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me ”. She committed suicide by inhaling gas from a small stove. Drama in … Read more

Index – FOMO – Gusztáv Molnár: I am a black person, I am considering suicide

Gusztáv Molnár had a difficult time is still alive in recent months, as in addition to seeing your child less— had a partner because he claims abused him their common son – and now he has also lost his wife due to his alcohol problems. The actor with bipolar disorder he also entered the retreat, … Read more

Marco Cappato is under investigation for suicide aid, after having reported himself

On Thursday, the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office entered Marco Cappato, politician and activist of the Luca Coscioni association, in the register of suspects, who yesterday had self-reported to the carabinieri for having accompanied him to Switzerland Elena, a Venetian woman who in Italy could not access assisted suicide. Elena died on Wednesday, the way she … Read more

Austria, there is a suspect in the case of the doctor who committed suicide after the threats of the no-vaxes

There is a suspect in the story of the Austrian doctor who committed suicide last week after receiving after being targeted by conspiracy theorists and activists opposed to the anti-Covid vaccination. The judicial authorities of Bavaria are investigating a person suspected of having threatened the woman. “There is an investigation into a man from Upper … Read more

Investigation into threats Austrian doctor who committed suicide

Kellermayr regularly spoke out publicly in favor of the corona policy and the usefulness of vaccinations. For that reason, she had to be protected, because she had been threatened for more than seven months by antivaxers and corona conspiracy theorists. A spokesman for the Public Prosecution Service in Munich informed the Austrian news agency APA … Read more

Cappato denounces himself to the carabinieri for Elena’s suicide: “Ready for jail: the parties never give an answer” – The video

«I support the battle of Marco Cappato on end of life and I admire his non-violent action of self-denunciation, repeated even today. The scandal of his trials is both an accusation and a powerful reminder to Parliament, to the legislator, dramatically and culpably fugitive. Our commitment will not fail to arrive at a law of … Read more