Mobile Suit Gundam Cucurs Doan Island: Atypical Doanzaku on T-shirts Gundam goods one after another –MANTANWEB

MS-06F Doan’s exclusive Zaku-inspired T-shirt “Mobile Suit Gundam Cucurus Doan’s Island MS Motif T-shirt” (Bandai) that appears in the movie version of the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam Cucurus Doan’s Island” (Director Yoshikazu Yasuhiko) being sold. RX-78-02 Gundam T-shirts are also available in the lineup of T-shirts designed with irregularly shaped Doanzaku shields. The price is … Read more

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury: Female Protagonist The stage is the school “Gundam” The new “newness” MS is also released –MANTANWEB

The new TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury” from the popular anime “Gundam” series. It is attracting attention as a TV animation series of the “Gundam” series since the first phase of “Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans” started in October 2015. At a press conference held online on June 17, animation producer … Read more

Boeing Blue, New Space Suit Design for Starliner Astronauts

FLORIDA – Boeing shows the latest spaceship plans for astronaut Starliner at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida, on June 15, 2022. A new spacesuit called “Boeing Blue” was reproduced for exhibition before an actual example of Dover’s ILC designs was created. Boeing had previously selected another spacesuit manufacturer, the David Clark Company, … Read more

Dakota Johnson and the 7 times she was the best dressed in a tailored suit

On the red carpet Dakota Johnson she prefers feathered gowns and sequined pieces (Kate Young, her stylist, previously told Vogue that the actress ‘wants to be a disco ball’ when it comes to dressing for formal occasions). But the hollywood star She is also in favor of a good tailored suit. Johnson’s tailoring pieces they … Read more

Shakira in a tight suit of flames makes Nick Jonas dance salsa

Shakira Foto: Kevin Winter / Getty Images In the midst of all the controversy that surrounds her after the separation of Gerard Piqué, Shakira is enjoying. On her Instagram account, the Colombian posted a video in which she shares with Nick Jonas, the American singer with whom she is on the “Dancing with Myself” program, … Read more

McDonalds in a new suit – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

– Get the Big Mac back! A Russian holds up a handwritten poster after the press conference, but is quickly taken away by the restaurant staff. It’s opening day for new McDonald’s on Pushkin Square in Moscow, Russia. It was here that McDonald’s first opened restaurant in Russia in 1990. At the time, the restaurant … Read more

Ukraine, Valerie and the red graduation gown in front of the rubble of her school – Mondo

The image is certainly impressive: a girl dressed in flaming red, with an evening dress, surrounded by rubble. The story behind the photo is difficult to verify independently, but it too, as it is told, is of great impact: we are in Ukraine, in Kharkivthe young woman who poses surrounded by destruction is Valerie, she’s … Read more

The Latest Version of NASA’s Space Suit with a Sportier Design, Jakarta – The latest version of the NASA space suit has been launched. The suit will be used by NASA for future ISS and Artemis missions. Axiom Space, a private space infrastructure developer, is exclusively working on the new version of NASA’s space suit. However, Axiom Space does not work alone. They formed a … Read more

NASA has a new space suit for the next trip to the Moon | PHOTOS | PHOTOS | PHOTOS | NASA | Moon | Mars | Space travel | TECHNOLOGY

In a few years the human being could return to the Moon, this time with a new outfit that would prepare him not only to take a big step. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) selected the companies Collins Aerospace and Axiom Space to develop this clothing that could also be used for missions … Read more

NASA is working on the space suit of the future: what will it look like?

The US space agency has just announced the names of the two companies selected to develop the next generation of spacesuits for the International Space Station and its Artemis program back on the Moon. The challenge will be to design versatile models, suitable for all body types. NASA has therefore selected Axiom Space and Collins … Read more