Tuesday is Supa Day: I summarized the TMI of the ‘Street Woman Fighter’ crew.

MnetPoster for ‘Street Woman Fighter’. It is truly an exciting nation. Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ is really popular. Tuesday night’s dance show, where eight dance crews competed for just one trophy, gave viewers a dance breeze. If you’re a Supa fan, you can sing ‘Hey Mama’ whether you’re happy or sad or lonely. As everyone … Read more

Dante’s journey through heaven and hell summarized for you

The “Divine Comedy” appeared 700 years ago. It is one of the most important works in literature. We tell the spectacular expedition in a few minutes. Hold on tight! Of course it would be better if you read the Divine Comedy yourself, preferably in the Italian original. This is the only way for Dante Alighieri’s … Read more

Enefit Green summarized the first half of 2021: the most important investment is in Lithuania

Enefit Green, the largest wind energy producer in the Baltic States, summed up the first half of this year – solar power plants have shown good results, and the current investments will contribute to higher green energy consumption in the future. The company’s management agrees that the most important of them is 60 million. The … Read more

This is how the Norwegians summarized the match with Legia in el. LM. Changing the rules gives hope. Football

Legia Warsaw she started the Champions League qualifying very well. In the first match of the first round, the Polish champion won 3-2 against Bodø / Glimt away, which is quite a solid advance before the rematch in Warsaw. The legionnaires did not avoid mistakes, but they controlled the course for most of the match … Read more