3rd place mountain village life and 2nd place Supa are all overtaken… ‘November Entertainment Brand Reputation’ 1st place is…

The ranking of ‘November Entertainment Brand Reputation’ was released and caught attention. Mnet ‘Street Woman Fighter’ The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute announced the ranking of ‘November Entertainment Program Brand Reputation’ by analyzing 110,491,694 big data of 50 brands of entertainment programs loved by the people from October 7 to November 7. tvN ‘Wise Mountain … Read more

“Are you pushing each other?” YGX, who was chosen by Jessie and Psy, unexpected reactions poured in

When the winner of Jessie’s new song choreography mission for ‘Street Woman Fighter (hereinafter referred to as Supa)’ was announced, viewers responded with disappointment. In Mnet’s ‘Swoopa’, which aired on the 12th, the dance crews performing the first mission of the semi-finals were drawn. On this day, the crew created the choreography for Jessie’s new … Read more

Don’t you have any pride… Supa Monica dissatisfied with celebrity recruitment → proudly ranks first overall

‘Swoopa’ Episode 5 / Photo = Captured from Mnet Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Freewoodman proudly climbed to No. In episode 5 of Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’, which aired on the 28th, the Mega Crew mission and the jersey score for the second eliminated team were revealed. After filming the rehearsal video on that day, self-evaluation … Read more

Tuesday is Supa Day: I summarized the TMI of the ‘Street Woman Fighter’ crew.

MnetPoster for ‘Street Woman Fighter’. It is truly an exciting nation. Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ is really popular. Tuesday night’s dance show, where eight dance crews competed for just one trophy, gave viewers a dance breeze. If you’re a Supa fan, you can sing ‘Hey Mama’ whether you’re happy or sad or lonely. As everyone … Read more

36-year-old Supa performer who ate a lot of swearing, confided everything in ‘Anonymous Chat Room’

A Street Dance Crew Reality Survival performer expressed his feelings about malicious comments. Mnet Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ (hereinafter referred to as Supa), ‘Proudman’ crew leader Monica, entered her ‘solitude’ chatting on the 12th. The solitude room is an anonymous chat room where conversations are continued using only photos or memes of stars you support. … Read more