Pichi Escudero, Gallardo and the time they almost clutched each other

Former Riverplayer Marcelo Escudero recalled his times at the Millionaire, when he was concentrating with the team’s current coach, Marcelo Gallardo, and a cross that they had in a training that almost ended with the pineapples. “We lived concentrated in 1996. Marcelo is younger than me. We had gone to play in Caracas, a terrible … Read more

“Penalty”: Red’s stunt match and cigarette reached the English press

In the middle of compulsory quarantine and with football slowed by the coronavirus pandemic that worries Argentina and the world, Franco, brother of Marcos Rojo, published a video in which the defender of Students – who belongs to Manchester United – is seen smoking and playing trick with friends. In the last hours, the British … Read more

Russo banked the drop of declines: “25 or 30 clubs could disappear”

Nicolas Russo He assured that the removal of the decreases is a decision made and explained the importance of the measure. “It is the only way to accommodate budgets. If not, 25 or 30 clubs could disappear”, he affirmed on Radio Continental. The president of Lanús referred to the conflict with Argentinian Association Footballers and … Read more

Mansur: “The player plays for silver, not for the scholar”

José Mansur, president of Godoy Cruz, exploited against the footballers, who, through Agremiados and its owner Sergio Marchi, expressed their opposition to the cancellation of declines in Argentine soccer for two years. “There are not going to be 4,000 stranded players, there is no chance. Any team is going to have to add points just … Read more

Emiliano Martínez and the chance to return to Independiente with Kun Agüero

Emiliano Martínez He expressed his desire to return to Independiente and remarked that the return of Sergio Aguero it would help you make the decision. “When Kun returns I will think about it too”, the Arsenal goalkeeper said in statements to TNT Sports. The goalkeeper stressed that “The truth is that it can never be … Read more

Verón and the Dani Alves rumor: “It doesn’t cost me too much to ask for the phone and call him”

Juan Sebastián Verón, president of Estudiantes, commented with humor on whether he would make a formal attempt to find Dani Alves, a Brazilian star who currently plays for San Pablo. “That was a live, questions came out, a comment … I answered it, but in a funny way, because the moment was coming. Now, it … Read more