Overdose of dietary supplements: possible heart problems

24vita counselor life & everyday life Created: 05/27/2023, 08:00 a.m Von: Juliane Gutman Split Here a magnesium effervescent tablet, there a pill with folic acid or vitamin D: It seems everyone takes food supplements. But you should not do this without consulting a doctor or pharmacist. When the electrolytes in the body become imbalanced, it … Read more

Celebrate the three consecutive national feather championships!Cass provides nutritional supplements for Sudirman Cup athletes_TOM Sports

On May 21, at the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, the Chinese badminton team2023 Sudirman CupIn the final, they defeated the South Korean team and won the Sudirman Cup with a big score of 3-0 at home! Achieved three consecutive Sudirman Cup victories, six home victories and the 13th aspiration! Cass congratulates the Chinese team … Read more

After taking these supplements, the joints feel much better

Djoint pains can be common in older age. Even so, it is always best to prevent and avoid major problems. If you have them healthy, when you make some greater effort, you end up recovering much more easily. The CNET website has compiled the supplements that should be part of your routine. In this case, … Read more

Review of the Effect of Dietary Supplements on Cholesterol Health and Science

Where does this news come from? Garlic is recommended on the Healthier Living website cholesterol levels under control hold (1). This beneficial effect is also attributed to other dietary supplements, such as fish oil, sterols, cinnamon, fermented red rice and, of course, turmeric. American researchers conducted an elegant intervention study out with dietary supplements that … Read more

It instantly replenishes your source of vitamin B12! This nutrient is even more effective than the best supplements – Gallery

Vitamin B12, which is obligatory to be taken from the outside because it is not met by the body, paves the way for serious ailments when neglected. Vitamin B12 deficiency lies behind complaints such as fatigue, forgetfulness and restlessness, especially felt during the day. Causes of vitamin B12 deficiency include not consuming the right foods … Read more

The best supplements for healthy aging, according to an expert

It is important to remember that the supplements are adjacent. While they’re good when certain nutrients are lacking, the number one way to get the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you need is through a healthy, nutritious diet. “Supplements will never give you what real food will,” says Kara Burnstine, a nutrition educator at the Pritikin … Read more

7 Supplements That Can Make Sleep Better

ENAMPAGI – One of the benefits of sleeping on time is helping the body and muscles to function properly, supplements can help. What’s more, if you don’t get enough sleep, it can increase the risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. You should also help by taking supplements. Reported by sixpagi.id from healthline, here are … Read more

The most effective supplements and remedies for urinary incontinence

There are treatments that can relieve the symptoms of urinary incontinence, but there are also remedies that can help regain control over the urinary bladder. These remedies for urinary incontinence include daily exercise, certain changes in lifestyle and diet and the administration of some supplements that have a beneficial effect. Few people speak openly about … Read more

Supplements that do you more harm than good if you don’t take them as directed by your doctor

Do you usually take food supplements, especially vitamins, without consulting your doctor? Stop right now. Although the media is full of advertisements, it would be good to take into account the doctor’s advice if you choose to include them in your diet. Dietary supplements to watch out for Vitamin D Vitamin D supports calcium absorption … Read more