Sprimont: the suspicious death of two hunting dogs

This Saturday, a big game hunt was organized on the territory of the municipality of Sprimont.Trackers were mobilized. Among them, Jean-Luc Lecouffe who traveled with his dogs.Before the lunch break, he invited two Braques back into the trailer. The tracker explains: “There is someone who put poisoned meat in the boxes of the trailer. I … Read more

The suspicious contracts of António Costa’s deputy

Yesterday at 20:09 There are other suspicious contracts signed by Secretary of State Miguel Alves while he was president of the Municipal Chamber of Caminha. TVI/CNN Portugal had access to two contracts for the provision of communication services for which the municipality paid more than 70 thousand euros – and this despite the existence of … Read more

A suspicious substance was brought to Djokovic during the match. Tennis fans riot

Djokovic suffered an unexpected defeat in the final of the Paris tournament from the nineteen-year-old talent Rune, for whom it was already the second triumph this month, the first at the Masters tournament. Although the Danish youngster lost the first set in 36 minutes, he broke the Serbian at the beginning of the second and … Read more

Suspicious attacking Pelosi on ‘suicide mission’ and repeatedly asked ‘Where’s Nancy?’ | Abroad

As early as his arrest, David DePape told officers he was done with “the lies from Washington DC.” His target was Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives. But she was not at home. Her husband Paul Pelosi ended up in hospital with a skull fracture, among other things. “I … Read more

“The Ferrari wasn’t even mine. I had to rent”. If “influencers” promise you easy money, be suspicious of everything

On social networks, pages offering savings advice are multiplying. But also investment, with “influencers” beckoning you with a lifestyle capable of making your jaw drop to the ground. There is little care, especially in times of crisis. “If they guarantee something, it is because they are deceiving”. Frauds and scams abound. But there is a … Read more

Inland, Russia | Have seen suspicious drone activity over power lines in the interior

On Friday, the oil company Conoco Philips informed NRK that they had observed unknown drone activity in the Ekofisk area in the North Sea. This is one of several cases in recent weeks. NRK wrote on Thursday that there have recently been reports from power, gas and oil facilities in Norway about suspicious drone activity. … Read more

Iran is facing calls to be banned from the World Cup over the suspicious death of a young woman

Twenty-two-year-old Mahsa Aminíová died in custody after being arrested by the morality police. Authorities said the cause of death was a heart attack, but the family said police had beaten the girl. The death sparked mass protests in Iran. They were also joined by the Open Stadiums organization, which fights for the right of Iranian … Read more

“Frightens the Virgin”: The Chilean wanted by Interpol after the disappearance of Sofía Herrera 14 years ago | International

Sofía Herrera, a 3-year-old girl, disappeared in 2008 while camping with her family in the far south of Argentina. After more than a decade of investigations and tracking, Interpol issued a “red alert” to capture the main suspect: a Chilean named José Dagoberto Díaz Aguilar and nicknamed “Espanta la Virgen”. This Wednesday, September 28, marks … Read more

They charged three Iranians with terrorism and investigated two Venezuelan crew members of the suspicious plane

the federal judge Federico Villena questioned two Venezuelan crew members of the Emtrasur plane held in Ezeiza four months ago and will investigate three Iranians in the next few hoursincluding the pilot Gholamreza Ghasemithe engineer Abdolbaset Mohammadi y Saeid Vali Zadeh, accused of alleged terrorist financing activities. The magistrate further decided dismiss the other defendants. … Read more