Abortions, rape and suicide attempts: heartbreaking testimony of ex-swimmer against her coach | sports

Did you find a bug? let us know Twitter Follow the Bio Bio Sports Fanpage The former American swimmer, Sarah Ehekircher, she had a dream of becoming an Olympian. At 13 she lost her mother and at 16 her father kicked her out of the house. Unfortunately your coach, Scott MacFarland, He took advantage of … Read more

Trinec – Hradec Kralove | ONLINE Hockey 8/26/2020 5:00 PM

The author of the background photo is Vlastimil Vacek, Right Online magazine of the daily Právo & Seznam.cz Copyright © Seznam.cz, as, Borgis, as , ČTK, DPA, Reuters, stock photos Profimedia. Audiovisual media services. Publication or further dissemination of the content of the Sport.cz server is prohibited without the written consent of Borgis, as The … Read more

How much does a swimming pool cost all year round?

Who says summer says want to dive in the sea or in the swimming pool. But how much does a swimming pool cost all year round? We answer this question. iStock-agrobacter There is swimming pool and swimming pool … After confinement, the French rushed to the swimming pools and sales tripled (according to the Federation … Read more

Jade Hallyday has fun at the edge of her swimming pool in Saint-Barth with the family and poses in a neon green bikini on Insta! Check out the photos!

For more than two months, Laeticia Hallyday and her daughters had to remain confined to their homes in Los Angeles. Johnny’s widow couldn’t see her boyfriend for many weeks, Pascal Balland and she suffered a lot. Nevertheless, the confinement allowed her to spend time with Jade and Joy and they did a lot of activities. … Read more

Covid-19 in Wuhan: From Silent Roads to Crowded Swimming Pools

WUHAN, KOMPAS.com – Thousands of people jostle without wearing masks, playing on rubber buoys and cheering throughout the music festival. This is not a sight in 2020, but it is a weekend scene happening in the City Wuhan, China. Current location Covid-19 first appeared late last year. Photos of festivalgoers at the Wuhan Coastal Water … Read more

Swimming skeleton discovered in Brabant | Inland

In Het Groene Woud (between Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Tilburg) there are still original loam forests. The Eubranchipus grubii or the orange-blue swimming skeleton, a rare gill-leg lobster, has now been found in two sub-areas. Large gill-leg crabs live in reclaimed pools and ditches and can only be found temporarily. Sometimes they cannot be seen … Read more

Being attacked by sharks while swimming in the sea, how to save yourself? All pages

KOMPAS.com – Swimming in the ocean has its own risks, besides being carried away and drowning, in open waters we can also be approached and even attacked by marine predators. shark. For example, the experience of a woman in Australia, Chantelle Doyle (35) who was attacked by a shark while in the waters of Shelly … Read more

World trend in Prague and Liberec. Swimming pools are returning to fashion

The return to traditional swimming pools, popular especially in the 19th and 20th centuries, allows, among other things, the improvement of water quality in the Vltava and people’s interest in natural swimming pools. “The idea to create a swimming pool on the Vltava was gradually formed thanks to a visit to several European cities such … Read more