Asteroid ‘swims’ by Earth: ‘larger than an apartment building’ | Abroad

That qualification is given to any asteroid of any size that comes closer than 7.5 million kilometers. And 388945 2008 TZ3 Although it is ‘small to very small’ for an asteroid, it is nevertheless of considerable size: an estimated 500 meters in diameter. This makes the space stone larger than, for example, the Empire State … Read more

“Dao Surin” swims to show her fit figure is the reason why she loves 5 years. “Nong Yong” is very happy, wants to get married.

meet solo, join the sacrifice of the drama “dear mami” at Channel 3, Nong Khaem, where the actor participated, so asked about the netizens screaming at the picture of us taking off our shirts in the pool? “If you notice before, I will have some down. because I am a person who likes to swim … Read more

Future inspector: German Navy has “brought out everything that swims”

Future Inspector German Navy “brought out everything that floats” 03/10/2022, 07:35 am The German Navy is reacting to the war in Ukraine: “Everything that swims has been brought out,” says future Navy Inspector Jan Christian Kaack. Everyone can see that, “those who feel threatened and those who threaten”. The conflict over Ukraine has led to … Read more

Jack Russell falls into cistern and swims for two hours for his life until firefighters come to his rescue

The dog’s owners were cleaning up their market stall when they noticed they hadn’t seen their dog, a 15-year-old Jack Russell, for a while. Due to a problem with the cistern at their house in the Klarewal in Alveringem, the well was open. They had heard their dog barking but thought the animal was walking … Read more

Fire crew rescues 15-year-old Jack Russel who swims for two hours in a deep cistern: “The dog showed enormous willpower” (Lo-Reninge)

After being rescued, the dog was able to warm up in a blanket inside with its owners. — © jhm Alveringem/Lo-Reninge – A fire brigade from post Lo-Reninge saved the life of an old Jack Russel in Alveringem on Monday morning. The animal had fallen into a narrow and meters deep cistern and had been … Read more

Kourtney Kardashian swims completely naked .. and a picture reveals her body! -Picture

Pictures of the reality TV star spread on social mediaKourtney KadashianShe had previously published it herself on her website POOSH. Kourtney appeared sitting on the edge of the pool completely naked and covered her chest with her hands, but it is certain that the photo was taken of her from the pool of her home … Read more

Lost penguin swims 3000 kilometers to New Zealand

The bird barely moved. Smith called a team from the penguin sanctuary in Christchurch to prevent the animal from being attacked by predators. The team was extremely surprised to find an Adélie penguin. Penguins also live in New Zealand, but only different species. So far, to our knowledge, an Adélie penguin had only been found … Read more