So you’ll be less swollen – here are 3 good…

Karin Björkegren Jones trained as a lymph masseur after suffering from poor lymph circulation herself. Photo: Anneli Hildonen/Shutterstock Share the photo on Pinterest Published: 03 Aug 2022, at 04:30 Disturbed sleep, mood swings, joint pain and swelling? Typical transition pains, you might think. But the symptoms can also be related to the lymph. A sluggish … Read more

The Cause of the Swollen High-Speed ​​Train Project Costs Until China Asks RI to intervene

JAKARTA, – The Indonesian government is asked to bear the cost overruns High Speed ​​Rail project Jakarta-Bandung (KCJB) by China Development Bank (CDB). The reason is that the KCJB project has experienced cost overrun (excess cost) in the process. As for swelling High Speed ​​Rail project cost Jakarta-Bandung is to 8 billion US dollars … Read more

If you wake up with a swollen face, beware! It turned out to be a harbinger of these diseases

Stanford University dermatology professor Dr. Zakia Rahman says, “During the day, when you’re sitting, standing or doing something else, gravity pulls all the fluids down. Therefore, the upper part of the body has a normal appearance due to non-dispersed fluids. However, we lie flat while we sleep and because gravity does not pull the fluids … Read more

VIDEO | LIVE: SC Heerenveen with these eleven names against PEC…

SC Heerenveen will play the friendly match against PEC Zwolle on Friday evening. The kick-off in Zwolle is at 6.30 pm and the game can be viewed live above. The practice match will last a total of 135 minutes. The game consists of two shortened matches. The first match will take 75 minutes and then … Read more

Video – The assault on the Olympic champion left her swollen

Olympic medalist Kim Glass suffered horrific facial injuries after a homeless man threw a metal pipe at her in Los Angeles, in what was described as a foolish indiscriminate attack. Glas, 37, went to social media following the attack to show her injuries, including fractures and visible swelling in her right eye, almost completely, and … Read more

‘Battle against breast cancer’ Seo Jeong-hee “The pain of being stabbed all over the body… swollen like an elephant”

Photo I Seo Jeong-hee SNS Broadcaster Seo Jeong-hee, who is battling breast cancer, strengthened her will by telling the painful process of chemotherapy. Seo Jung-hee posted on her SNS on the 9th, “I have stomach ache for 24 hours like morning sickness, and when I am in a recovery period that I get better for … Read more

Park Shin-hye’s first public appearance after a month or so… Already swollen ‘beauty’ [N샷]

Park Shin-hye’s SNS capture © News 1 Actress Park Shin-hye revealed herself on her social networking service (SNS) account for the first time after giving birth. On the 6th, Park Shin-hye posted on Instagram on the 6th, “With Shion, we made candles that revealed each of our personalities.” “It was fun, I was a person … Read more

VIDEO: Alejandro Fernández is criticized on social networks for being swollen and unleashing comparisons with Don Vicente Fernández

Mexican singer, Alexander Fernandezwas seen on his social networks with an image that made his fans remember his father Vicente Fernández, who died on December 12, 2021, because the singer looks a little swollen on his face and with his hair full of gray hair , unleashing comparisons with the “Charro de Huentitán”. Don Vicente … Read more

Causes of Swollen Gums Accompanied by Difficulty Swallowing

Disorders of the teeth and mouth are very diverse. One that is also experienced is swelling of the gums which is usually accompanied by symptoms of difficulty swallowing. So what are the causes of swollen gums? and why the symptoms of difficulty swallowing appear which usually occurs when the swollen part is the back of … Read more