Barcelona | Problems for Coutinho: his left knee is still swollen

Bad news for Ronald Koeman and especially for Philippe Coutinho. According to Mundo Deportivo this Tuesday, the recovery of the Brazilian, who injured the external meniscus of his left knee, is not on the right track. Coutinho’s knee is swollen and its reappearance could be postponed. Coutinho was injured in the match against Eibar on … Read more

Xiaomi’s solution to avoid the dangers of swollen battery

408 The battery is one of the most sensitive hardware elements of our smartphone. Its degradation over time is inevitable, but there are many factors that can accelerate or slow down its degradation. Batteries are so sensitive that the treatment we make of them is essential, not only in the charging process, but also in … Read more

Egypt, the student of the University of Vienna has reappeared: he is in prison. “Frightened and with a swollen face, he was beaten”

The good news from the Cairo arrived on Friday afternoon when Ahmed Samir Santawy, Egyptian student of the Ceu University of Vienna, reappeared six days after entering the police station in el-Tagamoa al-Awal, V Settlement in New Cairo. However, there is a downside, given that the 29 year old researcher appeared behind the bars of … Read more

The anchor also “swollen liver”… Chinese’balcak’ in vaccine filled with saline

In China, a fake corona vaccine has emerged. Even though it was actually sold, the criticism of the Chinese is also high. Correspondent Kim Ji-sung from Beijing. Chinese public security enters the warehouse. One side of the warehouse is stacked with boxes that appear to be corona 19 vaccines. They are modeled after products from … Read more

Swollen Debt & Destroyed Economy, IMF Horror Forecast to Arabia

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that the Middle East and North Africa region will drop to their lowest level for 50 years, due to Covid-19 and low oil prices. Economic growth in the region is estimated to be minus 5.7% or even minus 13% if there is a conflict that arises … Read more