Cardiologist warned: if you experience this symptom, you should not run, but rush to the doctors

While mass and especially long-distance running has recently become a real fad, not knowing how to prepare the body for physical exertion and not exhaust the body, many novice runners make mistakes that can later be painfully paid for. Underestimating their strength, people who are not sufficiently prepared escapes to the competition track, risking not … Read more

New Covid-19 symptoms: Varies by age and gender

Coronavirusmade symptom riddle solved. According to British scientists, symptoms differ by age and gender. In individuals aged 60-79, chest pain, muscle pain, shortness of breath and loss of smell are the most prominent Kovid-19 symptomare among them. In patients aged 80 and over, diarrhea, sore throat, chest pain, muscle pain, eye pain and chills are … Read more

Recognize 4 Early Symptoms of Diabetes Early on, Easy to Get Hungry One of them

PALOPO JOURNAL- Diabetes is one disease chronic disease, which is characterized by increased levels of sugar in the blood. Diabetes is disease which lasts in the long term. Everyone will not realize if he is affected diabetes or not. Before discussing further about disease Diabetes, you should know first symptom which arises, is quoted Palopo … Read more

The British who received two doses of the vaccine reported a unique symptom of COVID-19

Loss of odor, persistent cough, and fever are still the main indicators of the disease. However, vaccinated people are now very likely to report sneezing as coronavirus symptom than those who have not yet received the vaccine. For unvaccinated people, sneezing is “much more likely” to be a sign of a cold or an allergy … Read more

STUDY Sneezing, a new symptom for the Delta variant in unvaccinated people. The symptoms in those vaccinated are different

The vaccine against Covid prevents you from getting serious forms of the disease, but it does not completely reduce your chances of being a carrier and transmitting the virus. Vaccines are the best protection against infection, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make Covid, writes Le Vif, quoted by Rador. The study shows different symptoms … Read more

Vaccinated and maybe still infected? Then watch out for THIS symptom

Those who have been vaccinated and yet infected with the coronavirus are more likely to develop a specific mild symptom than corona patients who have not been vaccinated. This is according to research from King’s College London. The symptom is not very annoying to those who have it, but it can be dangerous for others. … Read more

Symptoms of coronavirus delta mutation! First signs of Corona! Is a runny nose a symptom of the corona virus?

Information about the delta mutation is being researched. The eyes of the whole world turned to the mutations in the coronavirus epidemic. The number of cases in the world has started to increase again. Many people are looking for signs of the coronavirus delta mutation. But what symptoms are signs of coronavirus? What are the … Read more

6 Ways to Know Vitamin Supplements Purchased Genuine Or Fake, Number 3 Needs To Be Attentioned

BESUKI NEWS – In the midst of soaring cases Covid-19 Due to the Delta variant, almost all Indonesian people are trying to strengthen their endurance body especially immunity body by consuming supplement vitamin. According to health experts, vitamin is indispensable body to ward off all kinds of disease, of course, prevent aggravating it symptom someone … Read more

China Reports Monkey B Virus, Here Are the Symptoms and How To Overcome It! – China reports its first death from virus Monkey B which befell a veterinarian in the midst of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. A 53-year-old veterinarian from Beijing was infected with the Monkey B virus while performing surgery on two monkey died in early March 2021. Then, he died of the Monkey B virus in … Read more

European regulator asks to be alert to signs of Guillain-Barré syndrome – El Financiero

The Hague.- The European Medicines Agency (EMA) stressed on Friday that it “does not confirm or rule out for now” a possible link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), but He warned medical staff and patients to be alert for signs for early diagnosis and treatment. The safety committee (PRAC) recommended a change … Read more