The biggest symptom of colorectal cancer is…

There are many types of cancer. Colon and rectal cancer are also among these cancer types. Especially in colorectal cancer, which is more likely to occur after the age of 40, it is of great importance to live healthy. General Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Serdar Yol said that the risk of colorectal cancer is higher … Read more

Forgetfulness is not the only symptom! These behavioral changes point to Alzheimer’s

Memory loss and confusion Alzheimer the most well-known symptoms of the disease. However, other than these, many important symptoms can manifest themselves with the disease. Before the most devastating symptoms begin, patients may experience changes in their sense of humor, and an individual known for being mindful of their clothing may start walking around in … Read more

Early warning! Do not ignore this symptom for lung cancer…

Millions of people die every year due to cancer. The common thing in all types of cancer, which has many different types, is the importance of early detection. The most well-known of the lung cancer symptoms by the society is the bloody cough symptom. However, as lung cancer develops, changes occur in the appearance of … Read more

These symptoms may be a sign of migraine.

How should migraine treatment be? Stating that migraine treatment is handled in two groups as non-drug and medicated treatment methods, Uzm. Dr. Anıl Tuncer continued as follows; “Non-drug treatment method is based on staying away from triggering factors (hunger, insomnia, strong smells, bright lights, stress, high altitude, weather change, some foods) and lifestyle changes. For … Read more

Why ‘Lightyear’ Box Office Disappointment Is a Symptom of a Bigger Problem

This past weekend premiered ‘Lightyear’a spin-off of the franchise ‘Toy Story’ which was also the first Pixar film that was released in theaters since the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately, its box office result has been very inferior than expected, which has created a multitude of doubts about the future of his works on the … Read more

in France, why this name, symptom?

A mysterious virus called tomato flu (tomato fever or tomato flu) is said to have infected more than 80 infants in India. This virus, very contagious, would cause round and red pimples, like the foot-hand-mouth syndrome. Why this name? What symptoms? Should we be worried in France? Summary In the month of May 2022, several … Read more

New covid vaccine symptom

They find new side effects related to covid vaccine. Myocarditis, erythema multiformenephrotic syndrome… we already know a long list of covid symptoms related to the vaccine of coronavirus. These are now joined by overactive bladder. As the vaccination throughout the world, so do research on the effects and sequelae left by the vaccine in the … Read more

The most insidious symptom of liver cancer! If you feel like this after eating…

“INCREASES ALL OVER THE WORLD” You should also contact your doctor if your health suddenly deteriorates if you have been previously diagnosed with conditions known to affect the liver, such as cirrhosis or hepatitis C infection, the National Health Agency says. The number of people affected by liver cancer increases with age. Over the past … Read more

What’s a new Monkeypox symptom that becomes “extremely painful” when you go to the bathroom?

US health authorities identify new information about monkeypox to be disclosed to doctors next week. Among them are new symptoms. Step-by-step, Of apenpokken to spread† The limit of 1,000 cases has been exceeded worldwide according to:World Health Organization (WHO)† And in the last 24 hours it wasUS Army It announced its first case. Little by … Read more