Denmark wants to send Syrian refugees away

Over the past few years Denmark has put in place a number of highly controversial measures to discourage immigration and restrict minorities in the country. In particular, starting from 2019 it became the first EU country to deprive some Syrian refugees of residence permits, after having declared as safe the area of ​​Damascus, the capital … Read more

Syrian soap operas in Ramadan 2021 .. stories and show channels

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – the number does not exceed Series The Syrian woman who found her way to the same show channels, the number of the fingers of the two hands, 5 of them “Shamiya”, and 4 contemporary social, and here are the broad headlines for the stories of these works, and the … Read more

A report has been prepared on Russia’s destructive role in the Syrian civil war

The 200-page report “Ten Years of Horror”, published in the decade since the beginning of the Syrian war, is the first to attempt to show the victims of the Russian army’s activities in Syria, a banned topic in Kremlin-controlled and pro-friendly media. The report, prepared by the human rights organization Memorial and other groups, includes … Read more

Asala, I have stopped using depression drugs and am experimenting with acting in the Syrian dialect, madam

The Syrian singer revealed authenticity For the first time, the details of her recent health crisis, confirming that she stopped taking the prescription drugs prescribed to her to treat depression, which left her with a permanent headache, and that is why she underwent treatment after consulting three doctors specializing in the field of psychology, and … Read more

Syrian war criminals will not go unpunished / Article /

“We will not remain silent when we see the atrocities that have taken place in Syria, for which the regime and its supporters abroad are primarily responsible. Our countries are committed to ensuring that war criminals and torturers do not go unpunished, ”said in a message signed by the foreign ministers of 18 European Union … Read more

Syrian refugees have not been helped by ‘resilience’ alone

Thousands of migrants spend the night on the streets in Lesvos, Greece, after the entire Moria camp has been burned down. Nothing remains of the camp.Image Joris Van Gennip Yesterday and the day before yesterday, the European Union and the United Nations organized the fifth Brussels conference on Syria. Once again, the discussion was about … Read more

In pictures, the marriage of the Syrian actress, Yara Qassem, to a Saudi director

The Syrian artist announced Yara Qasim She suddenly got married yesterday, by posting a picture of her accompanied by her husband while she is in the wedding dress, through her official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, where she commented on the photo: “From the first look, we knew that we were going to … Read more

Syrian Refugees Frozen to Death on the Lebanese Border

loading… BEIRUT – Four refugees Syria allegedly frozen to death in the mountainous area in Lebanon east while trying to illegally cross the border to return to Syria. Those who died were two women and two children. The eight other refugees were rescued by Lebanese civil defense officers. Baalbek-Hermel governor, Bashir Khadr, said civil defense … Read more

Shooting in Colorado, the supermarket killer is a 21-year-old of Syrian origin: “Maybe he had mental disorders”

The psychological profile of the killer Ali then told the American media that Ahmad “was not particularly religious, nor interested in politics. I never heard him call for violence.” However, he was sentenced to one year in prison in 2018 for assaulting a classmate at Arvada West High School. Ahmad also suffered from persecution delusions … Read more

Assad Regime Battles Syrian Hospital Artillery, 6 Killed Including Small Children

loading… ATAREB – Regime troop artillery fire Presiden Bashar al-Assad hit a hospital (RS) Syria in Atareb, an area that became the last rebel stronghold in Idlib. Six civilians, including a child, were killed. The attack in the city of Atareb came on Sunday despite a Russian-Turkish ceasefire since March 2020 meant to protect a … Read more