Absolutely taboo! This strict educational rule applies to the children of William and Kate – Star cases – Cocktail

Duchess Kate and Prince William attach great importance to the fact that their three children – Prince George (9), Princess Charlotte (7) and Prince Louis (4) grow up as “normally” as possible. Photo: SITA/PA, Chris Jackson Duchess Kate, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations outside Buckingham Palace in London on … Read more

‘I want to break the taboo’

“Being a mother sometimes sucks and that’s okay,” says Lotte Olde Olthof (32) from Hengelo. She is at her wits end after a violent delivery and sleepless nights because of her crying baby. Lotte does research, shares her suffering on Instagram, leaves her job at an insurance office and now focuses on her own practice … Read more

Armpit hair… Hair removal is a taboo choice, breaking women

British actress Emma Corinne on the cover of Vogue’s August issue / Photo = Vogue homepage Recently, famous female celebrities in the West are seeking naturalness by proudly revealing their underarm hair, which has been taboo. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on the 17th (local time) that the trend of exposing armpit hair on … Read more

Nicotine taboo after your Big Mac, McDonald’s makes terraces smoke-free

ANP NOS News•Wednesday, 10:06 Before the end of the summer, McDonald’s will introduce a smoking ban on the terraces of its Dutch branches. The fast food chain says it is the first major catering facility to ban smoking on this scale. McDonald’s aims with the measure to have a positive effect on the immediate environment. … Read more

World Swimming Championships, the men’s mixed 4×100 relay in front of the States: the golden boys break down a taboo

FROM THE ENVIRONMENT TO BUDAPEST. The tricolor flag is already in the stands an hour before the start of the races, huge. It occupies an entire sector of the grandstand of the Duna Arena and is spread there like a carpet of honor. On which Italy, on time, parades. The mixed blue relay had never … Read more

Cindy Bruna, supermodel, breaks the taboo of domestic violence: “I owed it to my mom, to me, to all the other women”

Cindy Bruna, 27, is one of the most coveted models in the world. She was 10 days ago still at the Cannes Film Festival. Behind this glamorous side, there is also a much darker episode of her life, which she recounts in a book entitled “The day I stopped being afraid”. Why did you want … Read more

Fernand Fonteyne wants to break the taboo around prostate cancer with Think Blue Flanders – Listen Select

During an annual blood check, the PSA values ​​of the then 62-year-old Fernand Fonteyne were found to be too high. The verdict? prostate cancer. His prostate was removed fairly quickly. 33 radiation treatments and 1 year of hormone treatment in the form of injections followed. Not without consequences, of course. “Your libido decreases enormously as … Read more

THE BALL – Succession is a taboo subject (FC Porto)

Much has been speculated about who will be the equal successor of Pinto da Costa, once the leader leaves the presidential chair. Rui Moreira, André Villas-Boas, Vítor Baía and António Oliveira are some of the putative candidates for the Porto throne, but the current leader of the club never dared to name names for the … Read more