Tit for tact with Teklak: “Standard is right to complain about the refereeing”

1. Odo? We’ve seen reds for less than that. ”I understand that Standard complains about the refereeing. For me, the Odoi phase does not deserve an exclusion. But when Zinckernagel says we’ve only seen reds given to me, he’s right. Compared to the exclusion of the Dane in Eupen, there is a real lack of … Read more

Alena’s horoscope: Tact is a must for Sagittarius, unplanned purchases for Capricorns

ARIES At the workplace, put aside your tasks until noon and finish the work you started a while ago. You have decided to visit your friends in the evening, but without your family, and this will make them nervous and worried. Promise them you won’t be too late and you’ll be home for dinner. Be … Read more