Brigade of Tadeusz Kościuszko in Ukraine. Belarusians suspect that it lures the volunteers into a trap

Tadeusz Kościuszko is not only a Polish, but also a Belarusian national hero. The commander became the patron of a new volunteer formation fighting against the Russians in Ukraine. Information on this topic appeared on Telegram, where the creators of the brigade call themselves “real warriors”, as opposed to the other four divisions. However, journalists … Read more

Colin Farrell about the son. What does Henry Tadeusz dislike in his father’s wardrobe?

Creation date: 7 marks 2022, 8:45. Colin Farrell and Alicja Bachleda-Curuś split up when their son was one year old. Now the life of 12-year-old Henry Tadeusz is divided between his father and mother, but the couple seem to get along well in terms of raising their offspring. They are also both closely guarding their … Read more

Electricity prices, gas prices 2022. New ERO tariffs from January. Tadeusz Cymański comments

It’s not Santa Claus, it’s just the opposite. It can be worse – such new, much higher than this year’s, electricity and gas tariffs were commented on Monday in RMF FM by MP Tadeusz Cymański (Solidarna Polska). The President of the Energy Regulatory Authority approved on Friday tariffs for the sale of energy for four … Read more

“One of ten”. A mishap of Tadeusz Sznuk. Is 1 a prime number?

A surprising situation occurred in the fourth episode of the 127th (!) Series of the game show “One of Ten”. Mr. Damian from Łódź received a question about prime numbers, namely: can a prime number be the sum of two primes? Mr. Damian replied in the affirmative, which was the correct answer. Later though Tadeusz … Read more

Tadeusz Cymański: We are not satisfied with the state of ownership in the government

Robert Mazurek’s guest also admitted that the party is not satisfied with its holdings in terms of government positions. At the same time, he made a reservation that “insufficiency is not hunger”. – We are not satisfied with the state of ownership in the government […] We have interesting candidates, especially in the Ministry of … Read more