THE BALL – Taremi thanks the Iranian people (Iran)

Since long standing in solidarity with the struggle of the Iranian people for more freedom, especially for women, public demonstrations both on the field and through social media, Mehdi Taremi, FC Porto striker, thanked his compatriots after sealing the 2-0 triumph over Wales . “Thanks to our fans, they helped us all the time. It … Read more

Mehdi Taremi, the guarantee of the Iranian national team

Posted in: 03/11/2022 – 09:34Last updated: 03/11/2022 – 09:32 Lisbon (AFP) – Iranian Mehdi Taremi’s emergence at the European level was delayed after joining Porto at the age of twenty-eight, and he will be the most prominent offensive weapon for Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz, in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, starting from November 20. … Read more

Direct impact on 42 goals in 48 games! Ali Koç went to transfer When he heard the name of Jorge Jesus Taremi, he declared a holiday – Fenerbahçe News

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