Alt Bukow municipality applies for funding for a multi-million dollar project

After ten years of budget security, the municipality of Alt Bukow (Rostock district) is about to achieve a balanced annual budget. With this, the realization of a project that has been considered for years and that is becoming more and more urgent is getting closer. .

Leipzig researchers: Neanderthal legacy influences the course of Covid 19

According to a study, the genetic legacy of the long-extinct Neanderthals can protect people from a severe course of Covid-19: Neanderthals have left gene variants in the human genome that have the risk of becoming seriously ill with a Sars-CoV-2 infection reduce by a good 20 percent. At least that’s what Hugo Zeberg and Svante … Read more

Göttingen district council advises on financial relief for the municipalities

The CDU parliamentary group in the Göttingen district council wants to relieve the municipalities financially by lowering the district levy. The parliamentary group consisting of the SPD, Greens and Free Voters also wants to relieve, but by subsidizing education and family. .

Expenses for expansion and renovation of schools and daycare centers in Hanover are exploding

The city of Hanover has to take out significantly more loans than planned for its investment program. The cost of renovating and building new schools and daycare centers will rise from the originally estimated 520 million to just under one billion euros. Now the local authority has to approve the new debts. .

The spokeswoman for the Brandenburg Theater refuses to lie – and loses her job

Brandenburg on the Havel – Brandenburger Theater spokeswoman refuses to lie – and ends up losing her job A labor law process in Berlin dealt with sensitive issues. The press officer of the Brandenburg Theater was supposed to lie publicly and did not. Was that risking her job? .

Education in Corona times – can the school year still be saved?

The pressure during the Corona-Pandemie on Saxony The burden on schoolchildren is enormous: Weeks of buffalo at home, hardly any real contact with classmates and teachers. Children and young people as well as educators have to deal with new forms of learning. Parents groan under the care of their children Homeschooling. Amidst all these problems … Read more

Angelika Daamen is no longer a consultant for urban development

Personnel in the town hall – Change of job: Angelika Daamen is no longer a consultant for urban development Angelika Daamen has dedicated herself 100 percent to the Göttingen Tourism and Marketing Association since the new year. Before that, she was also a consultant for urban development for 15 years. .

Wolgast dealers demand opening of stores: lockdown is “disaster”

They have signed a demand under the title #handle stands together, which calls for the immediate opening of small shops: Two Wolgast shopkeepers describe their desperate situation. Why a bookseller, on the other hand, can easily get through the lockdown .