Virus is significantly more aggressive than influenza

The Corona virus damages the lungs massively – significantly more and differently than influenza viruses. This has an international research team headed by professor Danny Jonigk of the Hannover Medical School (MHH) now found out. “It works Covid-19 a completely different disease. Comparisons are out of the question. Self Swine flu as a very aggressive … Read more

The new easing in a quick overview

Saxony leads the most far-reaching easing of the Corona rules nationwide. gastronomy, Gyms, concerts – from Friday (May 15th) a lot is allowed and open again However, the distance requirement of at least 1.5 meters and the obligation to wear a mouth-nose protection in local traffic and when shopping also apply. What is allowed and … Read more

Inflamed kidneys are warning signs of COVID-19

In the inpatient treatment of COVID-19 Infections is the team of experts from the University medicine G├Âttingen (UMG) noticed something: Especially in the seriously ill, apart from the lungs and the heart, those were very early Kidneys also affected. Therefore, the researchers developed according to the UMG one Action pathto be able to recognize a … Read more

Thunderstorm on May 1st 2020 over Schleswig-Holstein

Click here to read numerous important tips on how to join thunderstorm should behave. Sprites: Spectacular recordings of “red goblins” at thunderstorm succeeded Large LN report: These North Germans are always on the hunt for Thunderstorms All current warnings: Warning page of the German Weather Service Heavy summer rain: how drivers react correctly Note on … Read more

Mask requirement in Lower Saxony: State announces regulation – Hannoversche Allgemeine

Mask requirement in Lower Saxony: State announces regulation to Hannoversche Allgemeine Stephan Weil and Bodo Ramelow annoyed by the mandatory mask discussion BILD The day compact: Corona crisis drives prices for fruit and vegetables up Northwest TV Lower Saxony now has a mandatory S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung Weil announces nationwide protective mask regulation to See “Learn … Read more