Viral video | Salt Bae Teaches His Restaurant Staff The Right Way To Wash Dishes | London | Nusret Gökçe | Stories | nnda | nnni | OFF SIDE

Without controversy. Enjoying a gold-plated steak can cost up to $ 2,000 and that is the experience at the famous chef’s Nusr-Et restaurant in London Salt Bae It is not suitable for all budgets, something that has cost more than one criticism due to the exorbitant prices of the menu where the gold-plated steak stands … Read more

Math Teacher Teaches Calculus Through Pornhub Site, Earns IDR 3.8 M

Jakarta – A teacher from Taiwan took an unconventional way to share math knowledge. He uploads his videos teaching on a site that usually serves pornographic content. Instead of YouTube or Facebook, he chose the Pornhub website. Although strange, it turns out that this method has also proven to attract attention because the video is … Read more

After seizing Haifa Wehbe’s property and money, a new ruling by the Egyptian judiciary teaches Mohamed Waziri a lesson he will not forget

Yesterday, Saturday, the Qasr Al-Nil Misdemeanor Court, Egypt, sentenced to imprisonmentMohammad WaziriThe former business manager of the Lebanese artistهيفا وهبي​, 3 years enforceable, on accusation of breach of trust in a new ruling. The Sheikh Zayed Appellate Misdemeanors Court had previously decided to refer the case to a committee of experts, to prepare a report … Read more

Katarzyna Warnke teaches her 2-year-old daughter to accept her body. “I walk naked with her”

Katarzyna Warnke for two years she has been fulfilling the role of a mother. In 2019, together with her husband Piotr Stramowski, they welcomed their daughter to the world. Although they both rarely talk about family life (the name of the girl is unknown to this day), the actress decided to talk a bit about … Read more

Draghi: Italy is better than the EU on vaccines. Great Britain teaches that we have to get out of it gradually

Listen to the audio version of the article “I want to thank all the citizens who have chosen to get vaccinated, especially the young and very young, and those who have decided to do so in recent weeks after overcoming their hesitations”. Thus began the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, his speech in the Senate in … Read more

‘Squid Game’ teaches you why you can’t make money with stocks

[김성일의 롤링머니] Often fall into self-attribution bias and crowd bias, participate without knowing the rules and pitfalls This is the era of negative real interest rates. That’s why you both jump into investing. However, there is a risk of loss on the other side of investing. Seongil Kim, author of ‘Magic #Annuity Rolling’ and #asset … Read more

Microsoft teaches the way to install Windows 11 even if our PC does not have the CPU or the compatible TPM chip

Since Windows 11 was announced controversy surrounded the young Microsoft operating system. Many teams could not install it not having chip TPM 2.0. Since then you complain and along the way, the Windows 11 release for everyone. In that period of time we have seen how it could be install Windows 11 on unsupported computers but we did not have help from the own Microsoft.

And it is that from the support page Microsoft itself has revealed a way to hack the installation process so that if a team does not have chip TMP 2.0 but with TPM 1.2, put install Windows 11.

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The abuse target teaches former investigators for sexual acts with children under 16 – NRK Vestland

NRK corrects: An earlier version of the title of the article stated that the teacher had previously aimed. It’s wrong. He has been reported to the police and is being investigated. NRK apologizes for the error. On Thursday, a teacher at the primary level of a school in Bergen was arrested. On Saturday, he was … Read more

Microsoft officially teaches you how to install Windows 11 on a computer that only has TPM 1.2. If you don’t forget to make a mistake, please be responsible for it #TPM 2.0 (166617)

For the sake of security and other considerations, Microsoft Windows 11 sets more complex principles in hardware requirements, especially to support TPM 2.0 and secure boot. Many computers that can run Windows 10 smoothly and still have sufficient performance cannot be upgraded smoothly; In response to strong consumer protests, although Microsoft did not relax the … Read more

Koulibaly: “It’s a game that teaches us a lot about ourselves and the football we have to play” (Direct video)

In conference: «Everything is still open. It all depends on the next matches, we have to win if we want to move forward. I’m confident and I think we’ll make it “ Naples 11/09/2021 – Serie A football championship / Napoli-Juventus / Photo Insidefoto / Image Sport in the photo: Kalidou Koulibaly goal exultation Koulibaly … Read more