Viral! This man’s body contains Bluetooth after the vaccine, here are the facts: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – An upload is circulating on Facebook on October 31 declaring the body of a person who has been vaccinated contains bluetooth and can be tracked via bluetooth app. The post, which includes the video, features a person appearing to open a settings window on their smartphone. Also Read: Beware! The Add Yours feature … Read more

Meta Share New Statistics Number of Intimidation and Hate Speech : Okezone techno

META just shared new statistics on the amount of bullying, hate speech and harassment on Facebook and Instagram. The figures were released when Meta faces increasing scrutiny over its ability to protect users and adequately enforce its policies worldwide. Its latest report marks the first time the company has shared the “prevalence” metric around bullying … Read more

Human Flight to the Moon Delayed until 2025, Here’s the Reason : Okezone techno

NASA delaying the target date for a human return flight to the moon. NASA is even targeting a landing on month manned in 2025 instead of 2024 as originally planned, NASA said the delay was due to a recent lawsuit over the contract for the moon landing. In addition, there are also changes to the … Read more

TRUTHS, Mission to Measure Heat in Space

A mission to study the energy balance of the earth, by measuring the energy coming from the sun to the earth and the energy that is reflected back into space JAKARTA – The study of climate change takes place not only above the Earth’s surface, but far into outer space. As recently announced by the … Read more

Poco X3 GT Specifications Are Right For Playing Heavy Games, Cheap Prices! – The latest smartphone Poco X3 GT has launched in Indonesia. This affordable phone is said to have great specifications and is very suitable for playing games. The following is a review of the specifications Little X3 GT. READ ALSO: Guaranteed to be different, POCO’s new product will be coming soon in Indonesia Poco … Read more

Facebook Tests Money-Making Features for Content Creators : Okezone techno

APPLICATION Facebook continue to update the features they have to pamper their users. Quoted from Antara, Facebook is testing its subscription service for content creators through the use of the group feature available on Facebook. Users are asked to pay for exclusive access to be able to access content or conversations in the available subgroups … Read more

Scientists Detect First Planet Outside the Milky Way Galaxy : Okezone techno

APPARENTLY for the first time, scientists found a possible evidence planet outside the Milky Way Galaxy. It was first discovered by NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory. If confirmed, then this planet is thousands of times farther away than many exoplanets that have been discovered so far, as reported by The Independent. Exoplanets outside this galaxy, are … Read more

Astronomical Phenomena in the Last Week of October 2021, What are they? : Okezone techno

APPARENTLY there are several celestial phenomena that occur in the fourth week in October. Based on the October astronomical calendar uploaded by the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), there are at least 6 phenomena that occur at the end of this month. Through Instagram and its official page, here are some astronomical phenomenon … Read more

Jupiter Hit by Asteroid, Here’s the Explanation: Okezone techno

APPARENTLY Skywatchers in Japan caught a flash of light in the planet’s northern hemisphere atmosphere possibly caused by a crashing asteroid Jupiter. The incident that occurred on October 15 was then uploaded in the form of a video on the Twitter account @yotsuyubi21. He said the event was taken with the Celestron C6 . telescope … Read more

What is the metaverse, the new digital universe that will transform our online experiences | Techno Doctor | Magazine

For the first time there is a feeling that the necessary technology is almost ready, with advances in virtual reality games and connectivity. Facebook has just announced that it will hire 10,000 people in Europe to develop the “metaverse.” But what exactly is this concept that is grabbing more and more headlines, concentrating more investment … Read more