Tourists from Guangdong made a special trip to experience the -50°C Mohe. Some car companies took advantage of the extreme cold to test the performance of their vehicles–Fast Technology–Technology Changes the Future

Affected by the cold air, this morning,The temperature in Mohe, Heilongjiang has dropped to -50°C.According to the meteorological analyst, this is the extremely cold weather of -50°C in Mohe since February 15, 1969, 54 years ago. According to media reports, the owner of the Mohe dance hall said that the temperature this winter was lower … Read more

Apple has secretly released three new products and will teach you three words–fast technology–technology changes the future

On the last working day before the Spring Festival holiday, I had already left work happily, and was planning to play games all night to start my vacation, but suddenly received a message on my phone: Apple released the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. This news scared me to quickly throw the handle aside … Read more

The 830cc Mazda rotary engine is officially back!The first car release–Quick Technology–Technology changes the future

As a recognized technical paranoid, Mazda is also quite persistent in rotary engines. It can be said that selling cars to earn money is for the development of rotary engines. A few days ago, the Mazda MX-30 e-Skyactiv R-EV was officially unveiled during the 2023 Brussels Motor Show. The car is also equipped with the … Read more

The ideal car owner’s central control shows someone chasing after driving at night, and the screen is too weird: official response–fast technology–technology changes the future

The ideal car owner’s central control shows that someone is chasing after driving at night, which is too weird: official response On January 15, in Pudong, Shanghai, a man said that when he was driving at night and bought an ideal car that had been bought for only one month, the central control screen suddenly … Read more

How can Intel’s fourth-generation Xeon CPU stabilize the throne of the data center without fighting for nuclear warfare? –Fast technology–Technology changes the future

In the world of instruction set architecture, although X86, Arm, and RISC-V have long been independent in their fields of expertise, the competition in the field of data centers has become increasingly obvious in recent years. The Arm camp has launched a fierce attack on the server market in an attempt to compete with x86 … Read more

Huawei asked the world to cut prices by 30,000 yuan, leading to heated discussions on the entire network. Car bloggers commented: Kill three birds with one stone-fast technology-technology changes the future

After Tesla announced the price cut, the first car brand to follow up with the price cut appeared. It was not the new car-making force that everyone expected, but Huawei asked the world AITO, and the M5 EV and M7 cut prices by about 30,000 yuan. It’s almost the same. This morning’s price cut has … Read more

Post-90s are also retaliatory. Saving money experts are in a hurry and call out to spend more money: I don’t like changing mobile phones. How long has it been since you changed? –Fast technology–Technology changes the future

Post-90s are also retaliatory. Saving money experts are in a hurry and call out to spend more money: I don’t like changing mobile phones. How long has it been since you changed? In 2022, the post-90s will love to save money. Among them, “young people aged 20-25 will also save a lot more than in … Read more

The new function of digital renminbi can be paid without electricity or network: Android first-fast technology-technology changes the future

Following the new function of sending red envelopes last time, the new function of digital RMB has come again, this time it is payment without electricity and network. According to a test by a reporter from the Beijing Business Daily, the payment function of the digital renminbi without a network or electricity is officially launched.Among … Read more

CPU integrated memory for the first time!ASUS 16.9mm ultra-thin notebook Lingyao X Ultra hard plug RTX 4080–fast technology–technology changes the future

CPU integrated memory for the first time! ASUS 16.9mm ultra-thin notebook Lingyao X Ultra hard plug RTX 4080 During CES 2023, ASUS’s thin and light notebook family has been upgraded across the board, including new models including ProArt Chuang 16, Lingyao X Ultra, Fearless Pro16, Lingyao Pro14, Lingyao 14 and so on. in,Lingyao X Ultra … Read more

15999 yuan! RTX 4050/60/70/80/90 mobile version products come with a balance of performance and power consumption–fast technology–technology changes the future

After the arrival of RTX 4070 Ti, NV also handed out the RTX 40 series mobile version. Overall, the performance is still very strong, and of course the price is not cheap. In fact, the parameters and details of the RTX 40 series have been officially announced before. For example, the RTX 4090 mobile version … Read more