TecToc: Apple overtakes Samsung in phone sales for the first time since 2016

Hyundai made the global presentation of its electric car Ioniq 5. It is a compact utility, whose design is inspired by the remembered Hyundai Pony. The Ioniq 5 It has a range of 480 kilometers, a new battery charging technology that allows 80% charge to be achieved in 18 minutes and a modern interior, with … Read more

TecToc: Intel launches front-end campaign against new Mac M1 processor

The war between Mac and PC continues, but this time the confrontation is not between Apple and Microsoft. The company Intel launched a frontal campaign against the new processor Mac M1. With tweets that close with him hashtag “Go PC”, Intel released direct messages that ensure that Macs are not ready to empower as many … Read more

TecToc: Hyundai introduced DAL-e, its customer service robot

The company Hyundai presented his robot DAL-e. It is a robot with artificial intelligence and facial recognition designed to serve the brand’s clients and thus avoid contact with humans. FROM-e it has the ability to develop a conversation in natural language and has a touch screen in case the customer is not satisfied with the … Read more

TecToc: General Motors showed the concept of its flying vehicle

The company General Motors He showed his idea of ​​a vertical take-off flying vehicle, somewhat similar to a helicopter. This flying vehicle would be for a single passenger, would have four propellers and would reach a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. Depending on the brand, it will facilitate the transportation of business people within … Read more

TecToc: Apple Car could be built in Georgia, USA.

The possible Apple Car It could be built in a Kia factory in Georgia, USA. The report assures that this decision originates from conversations between Apple and Hyundai, mother company of That. Hyundai would not only be negotiating with Apple the manufacture of its car, but also the development of batteries. Apple has not officially … Read more

TecToc: WhatsApp will enable messages that are deleted in seven days

Welcome to Tectoc! Apple will have a new launch event next Tuesday. This November 10, the brand is expected to announce new products, including computers. Apple would debut its new processors called Apple Silicon in this new line of computers. Fans of the brand are also looking forward to the launch of the AirPods Studio … Read more