Telenet opens two The Park-vr halls in the Netherlands – Gaming – News

The Belgian provider Telenet will open two The Park-VR arcades in the Netherlands on Tuesday. Arcades with an average height of 100m will be built in Breda and Eindhoven2 are large and where customers can walk around with VR glasses and PC backpack and play VR games. In The Park people can play vr games … Read more

Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Disney, Telenet, …: the streaming war is raging and telecom operators join in the dance in Belgium

Subscription video-on-demand services are growing in number and cable operators are entering into partnerships so as not to lose their share of the pie. The competition promises to be intense. There are more and more video streaming offers. The ease of use and the relatively low price ended up convincing many consumers, even those from … Read more

Should we leave Telenet, which is once again increasing its prices?

If you are a customer with the Flemish cable operator, expect to see your monthly bill increase from October 25, 2020. This is the date chosen by Telenet to apply an adjustment of + 1.05% (in line with inflation) subscription costs relating to the Internet, television as well as mobile and fixed telephony. Telenet adjusts … Read more

Proximus and Disney immediately hit back in streaming war with …

Proximus and Disney respond to Telenet and DPG Media one day after Streamz’s announcement. Disney will be available free of charge to Proximus customers from 15 September. Less than 24 hours after the European Commission had indicated in a brief official communication that the complaint by Proximus and Disney against the streaming platform of Telenet … Read more