Geneviève de Fontenay attacks Sylvie Tellier who has “a joint that farted there, it’s not possible” (VIDEO)

While Anaëlle Guimbi, contender for the title of Miss Guadeloupe 2020, was ousted from the competition because of naked photos, this decision has animated the world of Miss France for a few days. Geneviève de Fontenay protested against the choice of Sylvie Tellier in Morandini Live. Hide this breast which I cannot see. It has […]

Sylvie Tellier defends Miss France and explains why the candidate for Miss Guadeloupe was excluded

While the controversy does not calm down, Sylvie Tellier has once again defended the eviction of Annaëlle Guimbi from the election of Miss Guadeloupe and explained the real reasons why the candidate who posed naked was excluded. An evil unfortunately necessary. Sylvie Tellier once again took the floor to explain theexclusion of Annaëlle Guimbi from […]

Miss France: Sylvie Tellier defends the exclusion of a candidate for Miss Guadeloupe after her naked photos – news

Candidate for the regional election of Miss Guadeloupe, Anaëlle Guimbi was excluded for having posed for naked photos. Faced with the controversy caused by this disqualification, Sylvie Tellier defended the decision of the Miss France committee. Will this explanation be enough to calm the controversy facing the competition of Miss France 2021 ? This Friday, […]