Telling the birth of the first molten iron in New China, Lin Yongjian’s “Iron Will” as a hero

Tonight’s News (Reporter Ding Xiaochen) “Iron Will”, directed by Ning Haiqiang and starring Liu Ye, Han Xue, Zhang Guoqiang, Lin Yongjian (first from the right), etc., released the first official trailer a few days ago. The film tells the story of the early days of liberation, when the Communist Party of China united and led … Read more

Giuliana Rengifo threatens Ricardo Rondón with sending him a notarized letter for telling him that she was with a married man VIDEO Paul Pineda celebrity | SHOWS

Giuliana Rengifo celebrates his 39th birthday this Thursday, September 22, in the midst of the ampay presented by Magaly Medinawhere he is seen kissing the notary Paul Pineda. READ ALSO: Fiorella Retiz: “All my life I have been with people over twenty years of age” Thus, the cumbia singer contacted the program En boca de … Read more

Lee Dong Wook Responds To Fan Telling Him To Be Quiet On His Messaging System Soompi

Lee Dong Wook recently had a somewhat unexpected exchange with a fan. Via a paid private messaging system, fans of the actor can communicate with him on the UNIVERSE application. In particular, this allows fans to ask questions, and the actor is therefore free to communicate openly with them via the application, his answers being … Read more

This is the fate of the police at the Kembangan police station that went viral after telling journalists to talk to trees

Jakarta – Metro Police Chief West JakartaKombes Pol Pasma Royce said that his members ordered journalist talk to tree sentenced in accordance with the instructions for the Profession and Security Division (Propam) of the Polda Metro Jaya. “If there is a mistake, we will carry out the punishment to the party concerned,” said Pasma when … Read more

‘Tong 2 P’ moves to thank ‘Young Kanchai’ after telling the news of Tongprang breaking up.

Tong Toupee, famous rapper singer Came out to update IG stories to thank Num Kanchai after telling the news that Tongprang broke up, revealing that “it’s better to wait for the two to come out and speak for themselves” After it has been confirmed from reliable news sources that Entertainment couples like actresses Prang Kannaran … Read more

“I suddenly receive an invoice telling me that I have to pay 1,890 euros more”

Posted on Sunday, August 14, 2022 at 7:35 p.m. Par Sudinfo If his counter has been running backwards for years, Nico Neyens was left speechless after receiving an annual bill from Engie… “Ten years ago, I had solar panels installed,” says Nico Neyens, from Sint-Huibrechts-Lille, to our colleagues at HBvL. “Each year, I get an … Read more

Not just telling Bharada E to shoot Brigadier J, it turns out that Ferdy Sambo did this when the victim surrendered

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – Bharada E shooter Brigadier J now has the courage to expose Irjn’s evil behavior Ferdy Sambo. Bharada E was unable to continue his story when he said Brigadier J squatted down and resigned himself to being grabbed Ferdy Sambo at the office. Before being finished, Brigadier J was asked to squat first by … Read more

“Colonel Bird” takes “Nong Mali” to escape the villain before telling the family secret, opening the scene “Fah Pieng Din” Ep.1

Preparing to open the scene for sky just soil The drama that many people are looking forward to from Channel One31, the first work of a young female heroine. Prang Kannaran The latter is an independent actor. Coupled with a hot young protagonist Film Thanaphat to come and fight with the most powerful emotions It … Read more

Fortune telling on the night of Ivan Kupala 2022

There are many ways of divination on this mysterious night, UNIAN made a selection of the most popular. Ivan Kupala – a special holiday filled with magic and chemistry. On this day, a person can look into his future, find out fate and attract true love. You can guess at Ivan Kupala at any age … Read more