Climbing Mount Gede Pangrango Temporarily Closed After the Cianjur Earthquake

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — National Park Service Office Mount Gede Pangrango (TNGGP) temporarily closed the hiking trails because the two mountains experienced cracks and landslides after a magnitude 5.6 earthquake rocked Cianjur. TNGGP Public Relations Center Agus Deni, when contacted on Saturday, said that after the earthquake, a joint team from Community Forestry Police Partners, Volunteer … Read more

The remake of Splinter Cell can be played without killing, the original game is temporarily free

<!—-> First, the original Splinter Cell is temporarily free. You can download it on PC from the Ubisoft Store here, until November 30. For the sake of interest, you can have a period review read here on Bonusweb. The second thing concerns new information about the upcoming remake of the first part. We know from … Read more

The Hong Kong dollar is regularly updated daily, OCBC Wing Hang extends the 5% discount period this week, 8 banks will temporarily raise interest rates by HSBC 4.3% – Hong Kong Economic Times – Financial Management – Interest Rate Raiders

This website updates the most real-time time deposit information for you every day. Since November, almost all banks have adjusted the annual interest rate of fixed deposits. In the first two days of this week, at least 8 banks raised interest rates. HSBC adds 4.3%, the banknote issuer is the highest; DBS and NCB have … Read more

Dozens of Hours the Flood Has Not Receded Made the Bitung Toll Road Temporarily Closed

Tangerang – Heavy rain that flushed the Greater Tangerang area, resulted in flooding at several points. One of them at Km 26 Bitung Highway Tangerang. As of Sunday (13/11/2022) at 20.50 WIB until it was updated on Tuesday (15/11/2022) at 01.37 WIB, the flood that has submerged the Bitung Toll Road section has been ongoing … Read more

Haaland gives Manchester City the lead in the English Premier League temporarily

Manchester City climbed to the top of the English Premier League temporarily, with a 2-1 victory over its guest Fulham in the 13th round of the championship. Sharjah 24 – Asaad Khalil:Substitute Erling Haaland saved his team from a draw, after scoring a penalty kick in stoppage time, to give Manchester City a 2-1 victory … Read more

The resident decided not to use electricity temporarily, but received a bill of almost 200 euros

Algimantas (name changed, known to the editors), judging by his correspondence with the supplier, which the editors have, discussed the invoices for several weeks. He himself writes that he called 6 times and wrote 10 letters. The man decided to choose an independent supplier for an agricultural plot outside Vilnius, where he is building a … Read more

Kariņš, Siliņa and Rinkēvičs have temporarily given up their MP’s salary BNN

Arturs Krišjānis Kariņš, Evika Siliņa and Edgars Rinkēvičs (all JV) have given up the salary of a member of the Saeima, according to the submissions of the members submitted to the Presidium of the Saeima. In their submissions, the members of the 14th Saeima stated that they are waiving the salary of a member of … Read more

The NordBalt electric connection between Lithuania and Sweden will be temporarily disconnected

NordBalt will not be available for trading from 7am on Monday. until Sunday 6 p.m. Lithuanian time. “The import of electricity from Scandinavia through the NordBalt connection is one of the main factors reducing electricity prices for Lithuanian consumers. In order for electricity trading to be successful, we need to ensure the smooth operation of … Read more

The price of gas will drop by a third, according to Goldman Sachs. Just temporarily

At the Title Transfer Facility (TTF) virtual trading hub in the Netherlands, which determines gas prices in the European Union, gas traded at around 120 euros per megawatt hour on Tuesday. One of the largest American banks, Goldman Sachs, expects this price to drop to 85 euros per megawatt hour in the first quarter of … Read more