Lara Rosie Zorzetto of Temptation Island is a mother: Leonardo was born

Lara Rosie Zorzetto she became a mother for the first time. Great joy for the protagonist of Temptation Island, that once the experience in reality TV and the story with Michael Di Giorgio was archived, he found love with Mattia Monaci. On August 26, little Leonardo arrived. Girls Leonardo was born at 16:31 and weighs … Read more

Coronavirus, two temptresses from “Temptation Island” hospitalized after the vip holidays in Sardinia

The last selfie from the hospital bed was a cold shower for the followers of the brunette, who until a few days ago had admired her in a bikini on luxurious boats and hosted the most exclusive parties. “Exactly a week ago I was in Sardinia, on the Costa Smeralda, a holiday paradise, a meeting … Read more

Temptation, Manila Nazzaro: “It’s the right time to have a baby”

Per Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso is a golden moment: after participating in Temptation Island, the two are increasingly aware of their love, and on social media they appear happy, accomplices and very much in love. For the couple most loved by viewers, the journey into feelings within the village it was fundamental for their … Read more

Valeria Liberati forgives Ciavy | Sudden choice after Temptation Island

Valeria Liberati – Valeria Liberati forgives Ciavy and this time she seems to want to do everything in the light of the sun, explaining the truth to her Instagram fans and making it clear once and for all her rapprochement with her partner. Participation in Temptation Island seems to have helped the couple to … Read more

Man beating ‘Temptation’ seducer Yasmine, post statement on Instagram

Several days ago Temptation Islandtemptress Yasmine tells her story about how she was beaten up after a party by someone she invited herself. Yasmine’s story circulated in Flanders, but it was also shared in other countries on Twitter. And now Manu, the man who beat up Yasmine for the first time, speaks. “I wanted to … Read more

Temptation Island, the choice of Antonella Elia and Pietro delle Piane

Antonella Elia e Pietro Delle Piane make a radical choice after the end of Temptation Island. The two have in fact decided to momentarily leave social networks, opting for silence. While almost all the protagonists of the reality show conducted by Filippo Bisciglia commented on the adventure on Instagram, Antonella and Pietro they go against … Read more

Temptation, on Instagram the first sweet shots of Lorenzo and Manila

Lorenzo Amoruso and Manila Nazzaro published the first, very sweet, shots on Instagram after their participation in Temptation Island. The most loved couple of the program, after the end of the eighth edition, shared two selfies on social media, a close-up of the smiling couple and one where they exchange kisses on the lips. Be … Read more

“Upon returning from ‘Temptation Island’ I received the Immobile message”

Manila Nazzaro has recently concluded his experience, together with his partner Lorenzo Amoruso, in the reality show aired on Channel 5 Temptation Island. The presenter, committed to clarifying her feelings, was unable to follow the Lazio in the final rush of the championship. Speaking to the microphones of Radio egg, explained how he lived the … Read more

‘Temptation Island 7’, in the bonfire of confrontation between Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso the feelings win and the two go out together!

We have reached the final chapter of the seventh edition of Temptation Island. After five weeks, the journey into the feelings of the couples left in the race is now over. I know Sofia Calesso e Alessandro Medici they had quit the program together only after a few days, the ending for Valeria Liberati e … Read more