Jung Tae-woo ♥ Jang In-hee bikini body revealed… Even the son with abs TEN

Actor Jung Tae-woo’s family went on vacation. Recently, Lee Da-eun posted several photos on her Instagram along with the caption, “Hidden spot we only know in Jeju, a honey-like family vacation after 3 weeks of filming in the hottest weather #Salimnam #Jeju”. In the published photo, Jung Tae-woo, his wife Jang In-hee, and their two … Read more

Dolshing Lee Da-eun ♥ The flat belly exposed in front of Yoon Nam-gi… Strongest management before marriage TEN

‘Doll Singles’ cast member Lee Da-eun showed off her flat belly. Recently, Lee Da-eun posted several photos on her Instagram along with the caption, “Our memories are accumulating again💙 #2nd day in Busan”. In the published photo, Da-eun Lee showed off her waistline and gave off a model pose. She has an unbelievable body to … Read more

Jeon So-min raises suspicions of dating Yang Se-chan… The Big Picture Running Man trying to isolate Yoo Jae-suk from the entertainment industry

(Photo = Running Man SNS) Jeon So-min raised suspicions about Yang Se-chan’s dating. In the SBS entertainment program ‘Running Man’ broadcast on the 14th, a three, three, five race was held. Jeon So-min said during the opening day, “There is a story that Se-chan is dating these days.” Yang Se-chan was surprised and explained, “No.” … Read more

Dolshing Jeon Da-bin finally exploded in anger… Hate commenters public sniper TEN

Jeon Da-bin, a cast member of ‘Dol Singles’, shot a malicious commenter. Recently, Dabin Jeon posted on her Instagram, “To me, who was impatient and impatient in everything.He posted a picture with the caption, “The item that helped me a lot + a mental overcoming item robbed of malicious comments ✨ (Those who write malicious … Read more

Lee Hyun tears as the conflict with her husband rises

‘Dongsang Imong 2’ (Photo = Broadcast screen capture) ‘Dongsang Imong 2’ Lee Hyun-i showed tears after a fight with Hong Seong-gi. In SBS ‘Same Bed, Dream 2 – You Are My Destiny’, which was broadcasted at 10 pm on the 8th, the couple Lee Hyun-yi and Hong Seong-ki, who went on a family trip with … Read more

General Ahn Yu-jin and Jung So-min and family theory controversy → Yoo Jae-suk’s most successful resemblance revealed TMI News Show

Photo=Mnet ‘TMI News Show’ broadcast screen. Ahn Yu-jin and Jung So-min rose to a similar look with a high sync rate. Code Kunst attracted attention as a ‘rich with a resemblance’ from Yoo Jae-suk to Dobi and Ttuk-dak, while the analysis was added that he is a responsible, sensitive, and contemplative person who is recognized … Read more

Yoo Jae-suk also illegally parked… TEN Starfield, an excuse slipping into Running Man’s apology

Photo = Ten Asia DB, SBS ‘Running Man’ poster Seo Ye-jin, a reporter for Ten Asia, looks at the state of the entertainment industry. Like the light that spreads out in various ways through a prism, I will tell you the story behind the issue. SBS’ representative entertainment program ‘Running Man’ apologized for the controversy … Read more

what are you dating… Yoon Nam-gi♥ Lee Da-eun’s daughter, a funny moment at the meeting TEN★

Photo = Lee Da-eun’s Instagram Da-eun Lee shared her busy life as a working mom. Lee Da-eun wrote on her Instagram on the 1st, “This week’s daycare vacation, so our chicks are busy following mom and dad. Da-eun Lee went to a meeting with her daughter, who was on vacation. Her daughter Lee Eun, who … Read more

Winning the general lottery, do something good

MBC’s 4-part drama ‘Wild Boar Hunt’ premiered on the 1stPark Ho-San “Chungcheong-do dialect first challenge, meet only Chungcheong-do friends”Kim Soo-jin “There was a big problem in the house, but the script was a waste for the man”Jes-Jeong, “During filming, I got close to death in the cold”, kindly The press conference for the MBC drama … Read more

The first time we met, I’m single, and now I’m in the same bed… 6th Youngcheol♥Youngsuk unbeatable bed scene Nasol Four Seasons

‘Four Seasons of Nasol’ teaser./Photo courtesy of SBS PLUS, ENA The popular couple produced by the entertainment show ‘I’m SOLO’ made a surprise release of the ’15 Gold’ bed scene. SBS PLUS, ENA A spin-off of ‘I am SOLO’, ‘I am SOLO: Love Continues’ (hereinafter ‘Nasol Four Seasons’), released a dizzying teaser video ahead of … Read more