Mother of triplets Hwang Shin-young A mother who wants to sleep vs a baby who wants to play… Parenting daily life full of empathy TEN

Photo = Hwang Shin-young’s Instagram video capture Comedian Hwang Shin-young shared her parenting routine. Hwang Shin-young posted on her SNS on the 20th, “Realistic parenting is… Parenting mombebes, do you sympathize?” He posted a short video. The released video showed Hwang Shin-young trying to put the baby to sleep. He tried to put the baby … Read more

Song Yoon-ah and her affair Jeon So-min and her agony… Counterattack preparation show window for Lee Sung-jae

photo courtesy of channel A Song Yoon-ah and Jeon So-min, an affair woman, were caught in agony. On the 16th, Channel A’s 10th anniversary special Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ released a still cut depicting the anguish of Han Seon-joo (Song Yoon-ah) and Yoon Mi-ra (Jeon So-min). In the last broadcast, it was … Read more

Philip Ryu ♥ Mina 17-year-old age difference No stress at all, husband manages it Secret newsroom

‘Secret News Room’ Mina / Photo = Courtesy of IHQ The sweet married life of a 17-year-old couple, Mina and Ryu Phillip, has been revealed. In the 21st episode of the channel IHQ’s ‘Secret Newsroom’, which was broadcast on the 15th, the full story of the marriage between Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung, a married … Read more

General Park Chang-geun, National Singer, Thank You for Beating the Political Controversy

Photo = TV Chosun ‘National Singer’ broadcast screen. Singer Park Chang-geun expressed his feelings about the controversy over his political orientation. On TV Chosun’s ‘Tomorrow’s National Singer Talk Concert’, which aired on the 13th, the story behind the top 10 contest was revealed. The story behind the contest between Solomon Lee and Yuha Kim, who … Read more

General Kim Jong-min leaves Koyote → Moon Se-yoon asks to get off the good guy… Let’s play with Yeon Jeong-hoon 2 days 1 night

‘1 Night 2 Days’ broadcast screen Actor Yeon Jung-hoon told Moon Se-yoon to get out of ‘Delicious Guys’. Kim Jong-min left Koyote, Din-Din left the radio, and Ravi decided to resign from the company. what’s going on On the KBS2 entertainment program ‘1 Night 2 Days Season 4’, which was broadcast on the 9th, ‘Romantic … Read more

All-in-one girl group sweeping away… A reunion of tears with Sunye 2AM → Vocals praised Mom is an idol

‘Mom is an Idol’ Sunye / Photo = tvN capture Singer Sunye was praised by her former colleague 2AM. In tvN’s ‘Mom is an Idol’ broadcast on the 7th, the vocal missions of Kahee, Park Jung-ah, Sunye, Byul, Hyun Juni, and Yang Eun-ji were drawn. On this day’s broadcast, the members had time to talk … Read more

Kim Hye-soo 20s can’t imitate unrivaled elegance luxury visual TEN

Actress Kim Hye-soo shared her daily life. Kim Hye-soo posted several photos on her Instagram on the 5th. In the published photo, Hye-soo Kim showed off her elegant figure in a light beige turtleneck knit, camel-colored wide pants, and a coat of the same color. Meanwhile, Kim Hye-soo chose the movie ‘Smuggling’, directed by Ryu … Read more

Son Dam-bi ♥Lee Gyu-hyuk and her recent relationship brightened after public dating… I love you Yuhoo TEN ★

Singer Son Dam-bi / Photo = Instagram capture Singer-actress Son Dam-bi revealed her happy daily life. On the 6th, Son Dam-bi posted several photos along with the sentence “I love you, Yoohoo” on his Instagram. In the published photo, Son Dam-bi is smiling brightly with her arms wide open. He is revealing a brighter current … Read more

Ottogi III Ham Yeon-ji 20 years old, not of the same age ♥ Husband’s birthday TEN at a luxury hotel

Photo = Ham Yeon-ji’s Instagram Musical actress Ham Yeon-ji celebrated her husband’s birthday. Ham Yeon-ji posted a picture on her Instagram on the 5th with the words “Ham’s Birthday”. Ham Yeon-ji visited a luxury hotel in Jongno-gu with her husband for her husband’s birthday. Her birthday is her husband, but the way Ham Yeon-ji is … Read more

Kim Tae-ho leaving for something to play, Yoo Jae-suk left behind… TEN Starfield, the soul’s best friend, separated after 15 years

≪The Five Examples of Jeong Tae-geon≫Kim Tae-ho PD Standing AloneGoodbye with Yoo Jae-suk Comedian Yoo Jae-seok (left) and Kim Tae-ho PD/ Photo = Instagram capture ≪The Five Examples of Jeong Tae-geon≫‘The era of content overflow’. For readers who are worried about what to watch, Jeong Tae-gun, a reporter for Ten Asia, will be your ‘entertainment … Read more