A user sued Tencent for compensation of 25 yuan per day due to WeChat blocked-Tencent WeChat QQ微信

According to the news on September 13th, the enterprise search APP showed thatRecently, the first-instance civil ruling on the tort liability dispute between Qu and Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd. was published.The plaintiff, Qu, claimed that he was banned by Tencent for disseminating illegal information because he sent emails through WeChat several times. Qu … Read more

Tencent is escaping the influence of the Chinese authorities by investing in Europe

“A silent effort for global dominance in the gaming market,” described the activities of Tencent by the analytical company Niko Partners. The Chinese giant has already joined more than six hundred companies around the world, but has not interfered with the operation of most of them. No name changes, it was just investing in promising … Read more

Tencent Announces Abandoning the Exclusive License Rights of Music Copyright | Ma Huateng | Common Wealth | Exclusive Music Copyright

[Epoch Times September 01, 2021]On the evening of August 31,TencentHolding Co., Ltd. (Tencent) issued a statement stating that it gave up the exclusive right to authorize music copyright, and the upstream copyright owner (record company) can authorize other operators on its own. On the 31st,TencentHe Tencent Music Entertainment Group issued the “Statement on Giving up … Read more

Three times a week for a maximum of one hour. China has again restricted when children can play video games

China has once again limited the time children can play online games. From 1 September, this will only be possible for three hours a week, on Fridays and on weekends or public holidays, always between 20:00 and 21:00. This was announced on Monday by the AP agency, according to which it is the strictest intervention … Read more

Only three hours a week. China has shortened the time allowed for video games – ČT24 – Czech Television

According to the New China Bureau of Press and Publications, the rules, according to the New China News Agency, state that users under the age of 18 will only be able to play games these days at a specific time, from 8pm to 9pm. Companies that run online games will not be able to provide … Read more

The CCP Orders State-owned Enterprise Data to Move Out of Alibaba and Tencent Cloud Services | Alibaba | Epoch Times

[EpochTimesNewsonAugust292021](The Epoch Times reporter Junlin Hou Taiwan Comprehensive Report)Chinese Communist PartyRegulatory measures continue to tighten, and a big deal with Chinese technology giantsdataThe battle for battle.Regulators have recently ordered Chinese state-owned enterprises to accelerate data fromAlibaba、TencentEqualCloudServices are transferred to the government’s cloud. The CCP’s supervision will also cause turbulence in China’s cloud service market, which … Read more

The Story of China’s Richest Man ‘Loss’ Rp 46.4 T overnight

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Tencent boss and China’s richest man Ma Huateng is the next victim of a recent Chinese government article. The country’s richest man had to lose a fortune worth US $ 3.2 billion or Rp 46 trillion in one night alone. This stems from an editorial by a news outlet of the … Read more

Tencent shares plummet after publication of article calling video games “spiritual opium”

Published: 3 ago 2021 16:34 GMT The article was removed from the state-owned media website and later republished without the phrase “spiritual opium” and in softer language. Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd announced Tuesday that it will restrict minors’ access to its video game ‘Honor of Kings’ after a Chinese state newspaper called video … Read more

Tencent is about to buy 1C Entertainment, publisher of Space Rangers and developer of King’s Bounty II

On the website of the Polish Office for the Protection of Competition and Consumers (UOKiK) there was a message Tencent’s Dutch company Proxima Beta Europe BV intends to acquire 1C Entertainment. Image source: 1C Entertainment Recall that 1C Entertainment is primarily known as a developer (King’s Bounty II) and publisher (Behind Enemy Lines, Space Rangers, … Read more

“Spiritual Opium” article is removed, Tencent promises to increase protection of Hong Kong stocks, game stocks decline rapidly | Anue Juheng-Hong Kong Stocks

Hong Kong stocks on Tuesday (3rd) afternoon, the decline of Hong Kong game stocks quickly narrowed, Tencent Holdings (0700-HK) fell to 6.11%, NetEase (9999-HK) fell to 6.32%, Bilibili (9626-HK) The decline narrowed to 5.39%. On the news, this afternoon, the Economic Information Daily’s official website and subscription account have deleted articles criticizing online games as … Read more