Changes: Vaidotas Žala is looking for a new sponsor for the next Dakar

Played by Zala 15min said immediately after the Dakar that he would need a month to have a calm chat with BRX and Teltonika and figure out the future prospects after the transformative Dakar: from the second place in the speedway to the unfinished stages. However, it didn’t take that much time, on Thursday it … Read more

V. Žala: after the first week, there was a feeling that our Dakar might end like this

“Our Dakar 2023 is over. A truck with a spare gearbox got stuck in the dunes. We finished second twice, all finishes in the top ten. It’s good at least that we still have gunpowder,” Vaidotas Žala announced on Friday morning. In a later comment, Vaidot said: “After the first week, there was a feeling … Read more

PGI Sentil Minister of Religion Yaqut Bans Churches from Putting Up Tents at Christmas

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Churches (PGI) Gomar Gultom criticized the Minister of Religion’s decision Yaqut Cholil Qoumas which prohibits setting up tents in churches for Celebration services Natal year 2022. “Therefore, I urge the Minister of Religion to review his policy forbidding the erection of tents,” Gomar told CNNIndonesia.comTuesday … Read more

PGI Response, Ministry of Religion Allows Churches to Set Up Tents for Christmas Worship

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ministry of Religion (Ministry of Religion) RI allows churches to set up tents for worship Natal church if needed. The Ministry of Religion reminded that the erection of tents was adjusted to the area of ​​the church complex. Additional capacity for places of worship outside the church must also obtain permission … Read more

Football World Cup in Qatar: – Offered fans to sleep in tents

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar was expected to attract more than 1.2 million visitors. The host nation still only had 30,000 hotel rooms available. According to BBC and Reutersprobably 80 per cent of these will be pre-ordered by FIFA, and should cover the stay of the various national teams, officials and sponsors for the … Read more

4 Facts about Removing the Church Label from the Tents for Cianjur Earthquake Victims, Here’s Ridwan Kamil’s Response: Okezone Nasional

JAKARTA – A video has gone viral on social media, which depicts a group of people removing the church’s label on aid to the victims of the Cianjur Earthquake. This was regretted by many parties because it was considered an act of intolerance. Here are 5 facts from the incident. 1. Ridwan Kamil Murka West … Read more

The Heartbreaking Story of Cianjur Earthquake Victims: Eating Bargain, Sleeping with 11 Bodies in Refugee Tents Page all – Disaster earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 that rocked Cianjur, West Java (West Java), on Monday (21/11/2022) left many sad stories. One of them was expressed by refugees in RT 4 RW 2 Cibulakan Village, Cugenang District, Cianjur Regency, West Java, which is included in the affected area the Cianjur earthquake worst. In … Read more

Perugia: where homeless university students are forced to sleep in tents

More than 600 students eligible for the free housing service but not beneficiaries of the bed, therefore without a home, without notice. It happens in Perugia where mobilizations continue to urge the Region and the competent bodies to take measures for tackle the serious housing crisis in progress in the Umbrian capital. University students literally … Read more

The family of depositor Badr El-Din is protesting in front of the Khiam police station to demand his release

The family and relatives of the depositor, Yahya Ali Badr El-Din, who was arrested by the Internal Security Forces after storming the “Mediterranean Bank” in Nabatiyeh two days ago, carried out a sit-in in front of Saraya Nabatiyeh, this evening, after receiving news of his deteriorating health following his continued detention in Khiam Prison. The … Read more