It is “urgent to act in terms of wearing a mask” in Paris, warns Jean Castex …

10:36 am: Almost 3,000 new cases per day “We had less than 1,000 new cases per day at the end of confinement, we are now more than 3,000”, explains Jean Castex, adding that “the percentage of positive people is increasing”. “We have been for a few weeks in a phase of recrudescence of the epidemic,” … Read more

Peruvian doctors on strike: “They are killing us” | International

If there is one thing that the coronavirus pandemic has revealed in all its starkness, it is the dangerous fragility of health systems in many countries. This is the case of Peru, one of the hardest hit in Latin America and the third in the region with the highest number of COVID-19 victims, only behind … Read more

the masks sold in supermarkets such as Colruyt, Aldi, Carrefour… are they really effective? The top 5 in terms of quality

Posted on Wednesday August 26, 2020 at 7:13 p.m. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, a large stock of surgical masks has been sold in supermarkets such as Delhaize, Carrefour, Colruyt, Aldi … In order to enlighten consumers on the quality of masks sold in department stores, the DH has produced a top 5 … Read more

Captain Magvair of Manchester in United Kingdom has been sentenced to suspended prison terms

According to The Guardian, a Syrian court sentenced Magvair to 21 months and ten days in prison with a three-year probation period. This means that the 27-year-old footballer will not have to go behind bars. Last Thursday, Magwair was arrested by local police in Mykonos. He and his brother got into a fight in a … Read more

UMKM assistance is IDR 2.4 million, here’s how to register, terms and criteria page all – The government provides Help Direct Cash (BLT) for micro, small and medium enterprises ( UMKM). The assistance has now been channeled to as many as 1 million beneficiaries. Associated with help for these MSMEs, here are a number of things that may need to be known for MSME actors: Complete the document Quoting … Read more

Second wave of the pandemic increases fear in the world

Closing of beaches and nightclubs, mandatory masks, prohibition of mass gatherings: Restrictions tighten in several countries as fears grow of a second wave of the pandemic of Covid-19 and cases increase in Europe and Asia to levels of the first outbreak. The figures do not stop growing. Since it appeared in China in December, the … Read more

Donald Trump, American Politics | Donald Trump says he has the right to sit for three presidential terms

Only one president has served more than two terms. In addition, the constitution prevents Trump from being able to sit for twelve years. According to 22. constitutional amendment adopted by Congress in 1947, a person can be elected President of the country only twice, representing two terms of a total of eight years. Despite the … Read more

Dismantling the Regional Office’s Disgusting Behavior When Having Bed to …

Collage Annisa Dienfitri Awalia / Grid.ID and Instagram @rohimah_alli Dismantling the Kiwil’s Disgusting Behavior When Having a Bed to Decide on a Divorce, Meggy Wulandari Reveals the Requirements of the Child for a Prospective New Father: Don’t Marry a Papa with Another Mama! Grid.ID – Marriage between Regional Office and Meggy Wulandari has officially ended … Read more

After the rise in interest rates, fixed terms exceeded 2 trillion pesos

Due to the rise in minimum interest rates that the banks and the exchange stocks containing a good part of the demand for dollars, the stock of Fixed deadlines of savers this week exceeded 2 billion pesos. The amount of deposits in local currency accelerated in the last two months after the Central Bank forced … Read more

Belgium is one of the strictest countries in Europe in terms of …

Our bubble of five, the strict travel advice and the mouth mask obligation in many places. This makes Belgium one of the strictest countries in Europe in the field of corona measures. This is evident from an overview of the University of Oxford. Only three European countries are even stricter. With the Goverment Response Tracker … Read more