The Russian hacker wanted Tesla’s data hostage, but an employee of the carmaker outsmarted him

Data and know-how are extremely valuable for companies, they are often the main wealth I have at my disposal, especially in today’s digital age. Tesla’s value also lies in the number of machines and factories, but since many consider it to be a technology company rather than a carmaker, data is no less important to … Read more

I could power electric planes in three years, says Tesla’s boss

The founder and CEO of the space company SpaceX, the electric car Tesla or the neurotechnological start-up Neuralink has somewhat disengaged again on his twitter account. According to him, progress in the development of batteries will enable electric aircraft to be available for commercial travel as early as 2023 or 2024. An unprecedented leap Elon … Read more

The rodeo continues. Tesla’s shares have surpassed $ 2,000 apiece, making Muska the fourth richest man in the world

It is not even three months since the value of Tesla shares exceeded one thousand dollars for each. In addition, Tesla surpassed Toyota in its market value, making it the world’s most valuable carmaker. Who would have expected that the shares of the company Elona Muska were just testing their limits at that time, and … Read more

Tesla’s Model 3 is the best-selling sedan in France in 2020

The specialized journal Argus a compiled its sales figures Over the first six months of 2020 and surprise, Tesla’s Model 3 is at the top of the sedan sales ranking in France. This segment is historically dominated by French manufacturers and it was Peugeot’s 508 which also gave up its place on the first step … Read more

Tesla’s record in jeopardy, Lucid Air promises even higher range

Tesla currently boasts an electric car with the highest EPA-certified range. But he can quickly take this record for granted. The electric car manufacturer Lucid Motors boasted a video on Twitter that should reveal the purely electric range of the luxury electric sedan Lucid Air. And even though it’s not best seen in the video, … Read more

Teslas are too expensive, says Musk, suggesting a European-style hatchback

“I don’t think we will succeed in our mission if we do not make cars available. I want to say that the thing that bothers me the most about our current position is that our cars are not accessible enough. We have to fix that, ”said Elon Musk in an interview with analysts and investors, … Read more

Tesla’s new generation of autopilot first tested on challenging track – Motor

The Tesla autopilot passed most sections of the track on its own, without any problems. However, despite the fact that the experts added the route of the electric car to the autonomous driving system base in advance, in some cases, the driver had to help the autopilot to avoid accidents. The main difficulty for the … Read more

Great praise of Elon Musk. Tesla’s boss is praised by a competitor from VW

“Elon Musk is delivering results that many have considered impossible. Tesla shows that electric cars can be profitable. ” These are not the words of an enthusiastic fan of the American visionary and his Tesla, but the head of the largest German car manufacturer VW, Herbert Diesse. He exchanges flattery with Musk quite regularly – … Read more

Las Vegas gets an underground tunnel network for Teslas

(Image: The Boring Company) Elon Musk has the subway reinvented. In Las Vegas, his company The Boring Company is building an underground tunnel network that offers public transport by Tesla. The plan for the tunnels had been in place for some time, now the details are also known. The Boring Company writes on its website … Read more

The battery billionaire who is the key to Tesla’s success in China

Tesla must succeed in China if it wants to dominate the world market for electric cars. To cope with this, Elon Musk has turned to a battery engineer with success and great ambitions. The collaboration with battery billionaire and top manager Zeng Yuqun in CATL can be profitable and important – for both parties. Zeng … Read more