Special Tg1 “The last breath” – RAI Press Office

Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino return to speak in their own voice. The two magistrates narrate the 90-minute special film, entitled “The last breath”, by Maria Grazia Mazzola, editing by Valentina Fravili, research by Barbara Di Benedetto, graphic design by Luca Colonnelli, broadcast on Sunday 22 May , at 11.35 pm on Rai 1. The … Read more

Dania Mondini against Tg1 executives: “Mass in the room with a colleague suffering from flatulence”

The Rai journalist and presenter of Tg1 Dania Mondini denounced to the Prosecutor’s Office (as reported by the Republic) of having been the victim of a case of stalking in the workplace. The punishment? According to the indictment: being placed in a room with a colleague who has problems with flatulence. Mondini also mentioned the … Read more