Elham Shaheen and her niece perform Umrah. Pictures

Written by Ehab Mohamed Sunday, March 19, 2023 02:11 PM The artist participated Elham Shaheen Her fans and followers, through her account on the “Instagram” website, showed pictures of performing the Umrah ritual, accompanied by her sister’s daughter, Ilham Safi Al-Din, and the pictures from inside the Grand Mosque in Mecca were admired by her … Read more

“Simplicity of nobles and sophistication of kings”… Asala praises the wedding of the daughter of the King of Jordan

Main Art Monday, March 13, 2023 – 4:11 PM Actress Asala Abeer Ezzat The Syrian artist, Asala, praised the wedding ceremony of the daughter of King Abdullah II of Jordan, through her official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, noting the state of sophistication witnessed by the organization of the ceremony. and … Read more

Helmy Abdel-Baqi to Al-Nahar: I did not mean to belittle my colleagues when I refused my daughters entry into the field of art

Statements were published by the Egyptian artist Helmy Abdel-Baqi, a member of the Council of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, during which he declared his refusal to enter his daughters into the world of art because of his changed morals. Abdel-Baqi was criticized by some for this, as he was accused of insulting female workers … Read more

Asaad Rashdan is in the hospital, and this is what he revealed about his health condition – in pictures

The Lebanese actor, Asaad Rashdan, published pictures of him from the hospital, and commented on them by saying: “We were thirsty when others did not. …A look, a smile, a phone, an appointment, then an X-ray, a scanner, an ultrasound, a mail, ultrasounds… And a big thank you to the best doctor, Dr. Al-Siddiq Tony … Read more

The discovery of a new moon for the Earth? .. Here are the details

In surprising news, the Russian astronomer Gennady Borisov stated that the international scientific community revealed that the asteroid YG2022,It is a semi-moon of Earth, and it was seen for the first time on January 15, 2022. He said in an interview: “On December 15, I was able to discover a quasi-moon belonging to Earth. Of … Read more

Tatiana Merheb evaluates her participation in the presentation of Fatna Bi Al-Hait, and this is how she described Mario Basil and Shukran Murtaja

The Lebanese actress Tatiana Merheb began her career in the comedy theater with the actor Mario Basil’s troupe, and so the audience got to know her and loved her, then she moved on to participate in the drama, where she excelled in her roles and left an imprint. From her participation in the drama, we … Read more

Anushka became famous for singing and succeeded in acting.. That is why she refused to marry and this is her favorite hobby

AnushkaShe is one of the hottest singing stars of the 90s. She was distinguished by a different sound layer and presented a new type of songs during her artistic career. She succeeded in acting and became famous in recent years, and she presented television works that achieved great success for her, including the role of … Read more

After a career of 30 years, Jay Leno is unemployed

Just months after his fiery accident left him with severe burns all over his face, host Jay Leno is now apparently out of a job, as CNBC has reportedly canceled his show, “Jay Leno’s Garage.” Leno, 72, has been on the show since 2014, just months after the final episode of NBC’s “The Tonight Show” … Read more

Kourtney Kardashian shocked the public with a dress that shows the members as they are – in pictures

American reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian recently appeared in a very bold dress. Kourtney Kardashian wore a tight dress with long sleeves and a high neck, and it depicted a completely naked girl showing her members as they are.This drawing is one of the arts that became famous in ancient times, and the dress carries … Read more

In pictures – this is how Nicole Blanc became the runner-up of Miss Lebanon 1995, who achieved wide fame 28 years ago

Many have always considered that the Miss Lebanon competition achieves great fame for the participants if they win the competition or not. Sometimes the queen’s bridesmaid gets the audience’s attention, just as happened with the beautiful Nicole Blanc, who was the first runner-up for Miss Lebanon 1995, and after that she gained great fame, although … Read more