He interprets history in his own way: he spreads the lie that the Baltic countries are Russian lands

Stumbling comparison with the Nazis The legend about the Baltic countries was published by Vadimas Avva, a Latvian-born journalist, poet and video blogger living in Moscow. The post appeared on his Facebook account on the eve of May 9, which is commemorated in Russia as the anniversary of the victory in World War II. “Tomorrow, … Read more

The Baltic states demand a meeting with Belarus in OSCE format

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia contacted Minsk on 9 February for clarification on the lack of information on the joint Russian-Belarusian exercise. The Baltic States received a reply from Belarus on 11 February, but did not provide the requested information on the ongoing Allied Commitment 2022 exercise, and requested a meeting with Belarus in OSCE format … Read more

German Chancellor O.Scholz assured that he would support the security of the Baltic states

Russia has mobilized more than 100,000 people on the borders with Ukraine. troops, so Western countries fear Moscow is probably planning to invade its pro-Western neighbor. Although the Kremlin denied having such intentions, Western leaders held talks in an attempt to prevent conflict. “We are united and determined,” DPA quoted Scholz as saying that the … Read more

Media: The British plan to send additional troops to the Baltic states and Poland

Plans under discussion at the Ministry of Defense include expanding UK missions to send hundreds more troops ready to take part in hostilities to deter Russia, the article said. According to The Times, NATO asked the Allies whether it would be possible to expand the Alliance’s missions in the Baltics. “Countries are currently thinking about … Read more

The presidents of the Baltic states will arrive in Lithuania next week to discuss illegal migration

“The Presidents of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will meet in a tripartite format. The leaders of the three Baltic states will discuss regional security and defense, illegal migration at the EU’s eastern border with Belarus, transatlantic cooperation and the fight against climate change, “the report released on Friday said. The leaders of the Baltic states … Read more

NATO chief: Russia does not currently pose a direct military threat to the Baltic states

“Despite a significant increase in Russian aggression, there is currently no direct military threat to the Baltic states,” the leader of the Alliance told the Estonian public broadcaster ERR. However, he warned that Moscow’s behavior was very worrying and needed to be closely monitored. “We are seeing increasing Russian involvement and a significant concentration of … Read more