Amparo Grisales parades in a bikini on the beaches of San Andrés

Impressed were the followers of Amparo Grisales with the posts you recently made in your Instagram, where he shows the toned body that he has at 64 years old. This time, the sand and the sea of Saint Andrew They have been the ideal setting for the Colombian actress to show her curves with a … Read more

District chooses allies to jump to renewable energies

The Barranquilla District announced the names of the firms for the development of the renewable energy program, through which it is intended to cover the supply of lighting energy and provide photovoltaic generation solutions for the roofs of more than 300 public buildings. The American Consortium Hecate Energy and the Swedish company Recap Solar will … Read more

Implementation of the digital mortgage begins in Colombia

The Ministry of Housing announced that it will promote in Colombia the massification of the digital process for buying housing, whether new or used. One of the main roles in this process is played by notaries where this procedure is carried out. Notary 25 of Medellín was certified as the first agency authorized to perform … Read more

Why is the dollar rising in Colombia?

The strengthening of the US dollar is giving something to talk about not only in Colombiabut in the world. In national territory, for example, the upward trend is bringing it closer to the psychological fringe of $ 3,700, never seen so far this year. According to José Joaquín Prieto, economic analyst at Credicorp Capital, the … Read more

After the storm | The Herald

Hurricane Iota left a disaster of capital proportions. In a well-known national medium, a journalist commented that “hurricanes have no heart and they always tend to attack the most vulnerable.” And it is like this: disasters come and what we can do is stop, recover and learn to prepare better. The response to a critical … Read more

Education in emergency | The Herald

It is estimated that around 13,000 students from official schools in Colombia dropped out in 2020 due to difficulties in accessing virtual classes, a situation derived from the restrictions established in the prevention of Covid-19. The news of the vaccination plan in Colombia and the program that the government has established comes as a hope … Read more

Blind Colombian is the best lawyer in South America

On the eve of the end of the year, the news reached him confirming him as one of the best lawyers in Latin America. To Óscar David Gómez Pineda, from the firm Gómez Pineda Lawyers, was awarded this title by the British publication Chambers & Partners, in the category Outstanding Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion. … Read more

Disney will show the world the ‘Charm’ of Colombia

In the last five years, the eyes of the great film studios in the world have turned to Colombia to shoot their stories. Proof of this are films such as: Project Gemini, starring Will Smith; Running with the devil, whose face was Nicolas Cage; American Made with Tom Cruise leading the cast; Mile 22 which … Read more

Virtual and television carnival: “opportunity” to safeguard the party

The Atlantic Carnival 2021 changes to adapt to the pandemic and continue to show for the possible means his legacy of tradition, dance and color. This was officially announced on December 7 at an event held from 5 to 6 pm in the Crystal Cube in the Plaza de la Paz, which had the participation … Read more

Turkey delivers 285 humanitarian aid to Iota victims in La Boquilla

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), of the Government of the Republic of Turkey, with the support of the District’s Risk and Disaster Management Advisory Office, delivered 285 humanitarian aid to families residing in the Puerto Bello sector, in the village of Tierrabaja, belonging to the town of La Boquilla, qThey were damaged by … Read more