Television, books, love … All the ‘temptations’ of Sandra Barneda, at her sweetest moment

At 45 years old, Sandra Barneda is in the peak of his life both at the level personal as professional. There’s no doubt. Your hard work of years as close and credible communicator has been fully rewarded with a prestige status and recognition it deserves for own merits. Luck smiles at the Catalan presenter in … Read more

Rafa Nadal, Pablo (The Island of Temptations) and other celebrities who have finished ‘from the roots’ and are no longer bald

A hair transplant can be the solution to the problem of those who are affected by hair loss; a procedure by which many men were too ashamed, but thanks to those who overcame the stigma, such as Rafa Nadal or the former contestant of The Island of Temptations, Pablo moya, is no longer a taboo … Read more

A nude photo of Patricia comes to light that Lester posted by mistake

Lester and Patricia were one of the couples that emerged after passing through The island of temptations. After his break with Marta, the canary decided to start a new love story with Patricia. The couple was having a romantic evening when sparked controversy after a post on Instagram. Lester uploaded a photograph in which Patricia … Read more

The surprise that nobody saw coming: Tom Brusse returns to television

After the controversy generated in The Island of Temptations, nobody thought that we would see again so soon Tom Brusse on television. However, nothing is ever what it seems and from Mediaset some rumors have leaked about the extender not even Jorge Javier Vzquez has been able to prevent them from running. It is known … Read more

The storm does not pass: they filter audios of Tom Brusse’s new “trap”

After his stormy passage through The Island of Temptations, where he has won countless criticisms, Tom Brusse He is singled out again, although this time with his new girlfriend Sandra Pica. And it is that they have leaked some audios of the participants in which you can hear the native of Barcelona talking to a … Read more

Malú and Albert Rivera’s first walk with their daughter, Lucía

María Patiño and Mila Ximénez starred in one of the most notorious clashes of ‘Save me’ last week, however, they managed to make peace days later and now the Galician has become the best ally of her partner in her fight against cancer. Also on the cover are the first photographs of Malú and Albert … Read more