Paralyzed after being shot 7 times in the back, Jacob Blake needs a miracle to walk the yard all

KENOSHA, – Lawyers and family Jacob Blake, the black man whose back was shot 7 times by the police, needed a miracle to walk again. Blake is reported to be in stable condition after undergoing surgery after the incident in Kenosha on Sunday evening local time (23/8/2020). Attorney Jacob Blake said that at least … Read more

Before being shot 7 times in the back, Jacob Blake separates the fight between 2 women

KENOSHA, – Before shot seven times on the back by the Kenosha cop, Jacob Blake reportedly separated quarrel two woman. The claim was made by one of his neighbors, in an incident that later sparked a wave of protests over racist issues in Kenosha. Reported USA Today Monday (24/8/2020), a neighbor revealed that it … Read more

Jacob Blake was shot by the police 7 times, this is the video recorder testimony page all

KENOSHA, – Raysean White is another African American male video recorder Jacob Blake Police shot him 7 times in the back, admitted he was traumatized and couldn’t sleep afterwards. In his narration to CNN Tuesday (25/8/2020). White said he had only seen Blake several times since moving to Kenosha, Wisconsin, last February. They never … Read more