Protein in the diet… its importance and foods rich in it

Protein is an essential nutrient required by the human body for tissue growth, repair, and maintenance. It is found in a variety of foods such as meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, legumes, and grains. It is essential to eat an adequate amount of protein daily to support a healthy body. Why is protein important? Protein … Read more

Al-Hilal “rebukes” Al-Dosari and takes him to Tokyo … and Diaz is in trouble for the “al-Badil”

A “green” reception motivates the players at the airport… and Japanese media: Urawa is lucky Salem Al-Dosari, the Saudi Al-Hilal striker, accompanied the “Al-Hilal” team mission, yesterday, Sunday, in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, in preparation for entering a short preparatory camp, before the second leg of the “AFC Champions League 2023” final against the “Urawa” … Read more

Diabetics and taking anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers

Riyadh: Dr. Hassan Muhammad Sandaqji Within a medical alert of a new quality about the negative health effects of taking pain relievers from the category of “non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs”, a recent European study reported that taking this very common type of medication by diabetics who do not have heart weakness (HF) originally, even if the … Read more

Any solution to the Sudan war? | The Middle East

There is no normal person who wishes for war, and what is happening in Sudan today is no exception. The manifestations of fighting and destruction, and the scenes of the displaced and the refugees that shook us in a number of the capitals of our region and others, appear to us today from Khartoum, which … Read more

Does Mohamed bin Zayed’s visit to Cairo enhance Emirati investments in Egypt?

Al-Sisi met and discussed developing cooperation in all fields The visit of the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, to Cairo (Wednesday), during which he held talks with his Egyptian counterpart, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, reinforced the files of cooperation between the two countries, especially on the economic level, according to … Read more

Lebanon… Politics without economy and economy without politics

The system of power in Lebanon has mastered the policy of prevarication and procrastination of time and positions, and despite the collapse of the state and its institutions, it is still mortgaging the inside with its proof on the outside. Perhaps the accelerated regional settlements will reflect a breakthrough on Lebanon, taking into account its … Read more

Credit facilities for “Abu Dhabi Ports” worth two billion dollars

Credit facilities for “Abu Dhabi Ports” worth two billion dollars Through a consortium of 13 local and international banks Wednesday – 14 Ramadan 1444 AH – 05 April 2023 A.D. Issue number [ 16199] The Abu Dhabi Group said that the agreement is within the framework of strengthening its strategic plans for economic development (WAM) … Read more

Ramadan talk shows spark controversy in Egypt

Ramadan talk shows, which depend on hosting celebrities of art, sports, media and politics, sparked controversy in Egypt, including the “Divination” program presented by Basma Wahba on the “Al-Nahar” channel, and “Secret Ink” presented by Asma Ibrahim on the “Cairo and People” channel. And the “Interrogation” program, presented by the presenter, Nour Essam El-Din, on … Read more

The UAE revokes the license of the Russian “MTS Bank” branch, after it was subject to sanctions

The UAE revokes the license of the Russian “MTS Bank” branch, after it was subject to sanctions Saturday – 10 Ramadan 1444 A.H. – April 01, 2023 A.D. Issue number [ 16195] UAE Central Bank (WAM) Abu Dhabi: «Asharq Al-Awsat» The UAE Central Bank said that it has been decided to revoke the license of … Read more

Imam’s glasses | The Middle East

On the screen of Ramadan, viewers are watching a TV series that narrates the life of Imam Al-Shafi’i, who we know as one of the four imams of jurisprudence in the history of Islam. In terms of chronological order, he was the third imam, because Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal came after him, and because Imam … Read more