Covid-19: what do we know today about the transmission of the virus by aerosols in confined spaces?

Question asked by BARALE on 08/22/2020 Hello, The start of the school year is masked, In the enterprises as in classrooms. Before these decisions were made, one could read, in Libé on August 14, a forum of a collective of “health professionals” (“Covid-19: the risk exists in all enclosed places, in classrooms as well as … Read more

“There is no reason for schools to become reservoirs for viruses”

School, reservoir for viruses: chiseled by seasonal epidemics of influenza and gastroenteritis, the image dies hard. Except with the Sars-CoV-2, the rule suffers exception. According to the researchers, the child is not the main vector of propagation of the epidemic. Subject to compliance with barrier gestures and screening of patients, Professor Michel Tsimaratos, head of … Read more

Despite the crisis, French bee will lower its prices towards Reunion Island, assures Marc Rochet – All the news from overseas in 360 °

French bee’s 4th A350-900 at Orly © Aéroports de Paris Visiting Reunion Island for the inaugural flight of the 4th A350-900 of the low cost long haul French bee, CEO Marc Rochet announced a reduction in the price of the ticket to this destination for ” fill planes and attract customers ». Currently, the company … Read more

Hepatitis: Awareness campaign in St-Benoît –

According to the WHO, only one in 20 people knows they have hepatitis and only one in 100 is treated, hence the importance of these prevention and screening actions! For two days, the Reunion University Hospital mobilizes and organizes awareness campaigns for Reunion Islanders. The objective, to inform the people of Reunion onhepatitis. The CHU … Read more

Dengue: Mosquito control operation in the West

In addition to the coronavirus epidemic, Reunion is affected by the dengue epidemic. With more than 750 cases, thedengue epidemic is intensifying on our island. To try to slow the spread of the tiger mosquito, mosquito control operations are carried out. The Prefect meets the vector control teams This Tuesday, Jacques Billant, prefect of La … Read more

3 new deaths linked to Dengue –

Doctor François Chieze, director of health surveillance and security at ARS announces new fatal cases of Dengue fever in Reunion. Doctor François Chieze, director of health surveillance and security at ARS announces live on Meeting Antenna deaths directly or indirectly related to the Dengue at The meeting. “There have been three new deaths linked to … Read more

Jeff Bezos, coronavirus and good fortune

There are all the bosses of the world, big and small, worried about the cash flow and the sustainability of the company in the face of the recession. And then there is Jeff Bezos. The founder of Amazon has seen his personal fortune skyrocket over the past month. Estimated by Bloomberg at 105 billion dollars … Read more

“Never in our resuscitation department we had received 34 patients with the same symptoms”

D-18. The patient in room 172 has been fighting the Covid-19 for the last eighteen days. Intubated and ventilated, the man is 52 years old. Several probes gravitate around his naked body. His cheeks are pale, his eyelids yawn, his swollen hands are motionless. Everything seems extinct in him. Only his chest moves, under the … Read more

Diary of a doctor in Ehpad: “In the night, unexpected death is hard”

On the front line with the elderly, Jean-Paul Duplan, 69, is the coordinating doctor of two accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people (Ehpad) in the department of Essonne. For request of Release, he keeps a logbook of his daily work in the face of the coronavirus. The fight is tough. This article is the updated … Read more