Kiko Rivera, Borja Thyssen and other children of celebrities who sell their parents for money

Kiko Rivera The confrontation between Isabel Pantoja and his son, Kiko Rivera, which has generated a stir for a few weeks, is based on the distribution of the Cantora estate, located in Medina Sidonia (Cádiz); property that he wants to sell with the intention of liquidating his debts, and that according to the will of … Read more

Like a vat! Jorge Javier Vázquez and other famous drunkards on television

Jorge Javier Vazquez Regarding a Gay Pride parade held in the Spanish capital, the presenter Jorge Javier Vazquez was captured by Pilar Rubio completely drunk. Remember that at that time the presenter was working as a reporter for SLQH. “When I was caught by Pilar Rubio in Pride, I called my mother running to tell … Read more

Adriana Abenia and other celebrities who have faced the fight against breast cancer

Adriana Abenia The host Adriana Abenia shared through his account on Instagram, along with an image in which he appears in a hospital bed, an emotional message that describes his current situation. “I did not know whether to tell it or not, but I have always tried to be honest with what I feel and … Read more

Rafa Nadal, Pablo (The Island of Temptations) and other celebrities who have finished ‘from the roots’ and are no longer bald

A hair transplant can be the solution to the problem of those who are affected by hair loss; a procedure by which many men were too ashamed, but thanks to those who overcame the stigma, such as Rafa Nadal or the former contestant of The Island of Temptations, Pablo moya, is no longer a taboo … Read more

the ruin of our famous who have lost everything

The Campos family, on the brink of bankruptcy > Maria Teresa Campos was the queen of the afternoons of Telecinco. The presenter salary of Day to day it was similar to that of many footballers. During that time, he earned six million euros a year. A sufficient amount for their family to build a standard … Read more

Ortega Cano, Isabel Pantoja and other celebrities with a life ‘behind bars’

The murder of Ortega Cano > Reckless driving, attempted murder, money laundering, misconduct, money laundering and a host of other reasons why celebrities have been penalized. Despite the fact that some have escaped going to jail because their sentences have been less than two years, in the case of these they have had to face … Read more

Who is Colin Jost? The man who ended Scarlett Johansson’s bachelorhood

They met in Saturday Night Live The couple met during the actress’s participation in Saturday Night Live almost a decade ago. While it took some time for their paths to cross again, the wait was worth it. Johansson Y Jost, a writer and comedian from the television show Saturday Night LiveThey started dating about three … Read more

Rafa Mora and other celebrities who go from flower to flower cheating on their partners

Rafa Mora After admitting that he has been unfaithful to his girlfriend, Macarena Millán, the collaborator of Telecinco Rafa Mora fell at a tipping point after Antonio David put you in a bind by securing in ‘Save me’ that he had never seen his partner disloyal to his girlfriend, which turned out to be a … Read more

The montage of Sandra and Tom Brusse and other celebrities who have wanted to sell fake exclusives

Sandra Pica and Tom Brusse The temptress Sandra Pica who managed to seduce Tom Brusse in the second edition of ‘The Island of Temptations’, has been caught planning a montage to talk about them. This Thursday ‘Save me’ uncovered the montage that both intended to carry out, showing the audios in which Sandra has a … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo, Enrique Iglesias and other celebrities who have insured parts of his body

Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus’ most recent signing, is one of the most prominent figures in football to have secured a part of his body. The Portuguese contracted a policy for his legs for 120 million dollars. To calculate the premium, insurance companies not only take into account the injuries that the player has had, … Read more