“I know few words in Latvian. I would like to learn, but there is no opportunity.” The issue of knowledge of the state language is a problem for Bolt and Yandex drivers

The taxi driver called by the journalist also does not understand Latvian. When asked about congestion, he answers the question of whether the passenger could speak Russian or English. The fact that taxi drivers do not speak Latvian is also a risk to the health and lives of passengers. When a journalist in Latvian asks … Read more

PHOTO: Sonora Vaice’s solo concert will take place in Jelgava Castle

“For several years I have been longing for a concert program in which the pearls of opera masters Georg Friedrich Handel and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart shone. “At that time, I thought that dreams would come true. I hope that the concertmaster Mārtiņš Zilbert also has similar feelings,” Sonora Vaice told about the concert repertoire before. … Read more

Oleg Fil, co-owner of ABLV Bank, turns to the police about possible crimes of his ex-wife

Moments from the life of Oleg Phil and his wife Santa Samuel +39 See more The information at the disposal of LETA shows that the application calls for an assessment of whether Samuel’s actions cannot be assessed as fraud, abuse of power and confiscation of property in order to avoid fulfillment of obligations. The relevant … Read more

PHOTO: drug laboratory found in a private house in Krimulda region; manufactured vest abroad

Police drug laboratory in Krimulda region +4 See more In the spring of this year, the Organized Crime Control Department (GKrPP ONAP) of the Supreme Criminal Police Department initiated criminal proceedings for illicit manufacture, storage, transportation and sale of narcotic and psychotropic substances in an organized group, purchase of equipment, devices, materials and precursors for … Read more

“I wanted to escape countless times” – the former participant reveals the experience in the Brukna community

Bright dahlias in Ģirts’ garden are the only things a middle-aged man allows to be filmed. Everything else can be recognized and understood by his real name and where he lives. He is afraid of public insults for ingratitude. Therefore, he is ready to talk about the experience in the Brukna community only behind the … Read more

Poland urges Russia to abandon plans for military intervention in Belarus

“[Polijas] “The government urges Russia to immediately abandon plans for military intervention in Belarus, hiding behind a false” re-establishment of control “, a hostile move in violation of international law and the human rights of the Belarusian people to choose their own destiny,” the prime minister said. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that … Read more

Geret Berry, who has played the most games in the Premier League, ends his career

At the end of the season, the former England midfielder was released from West Bromwich’s Albion, which he had just entered the Premier League and played in the 2019/2020 championship only six times. “An extraordinary, record-breaking career. All the best retired, Bary,” tweeted the West Bromwich club, adding two applause icons and one heart. The … Read more

Six debutants have been invited to the Latvian national football team matches against Andorra and Malta

Of the 24 candidates, goalkeepers Roberts Ozols and Dāvis Ošs, defenders Elvis Stuglis, Krišs Kārkliņš and Vladislavs Sorokins, as well as midfielder Alvis Jaunzems have not played for the national team so far. The Latvian national football team will host Andorra on its field on September 3 in the UEFA League of Nations, but three … Read more

“Skaņu mežs” has decided to organize its “White Night” concert evening as a mini-festival

“Skaņu mežs” has always decided to design its “White Night” concert evening as a mini-festival – namely, with as many different musical expressions as possible, which embodies the main task of the festival: depicting contemporary music innovations and experiments. Deconstructed “dub” music, computer music influenced by Middle Eastern culture, sound / silence contrasts and minimalism, … Read more

Trump assigns additional law enforcement personnel to the troubled city of Wisconsin

“We will not suffer robbery, arson and arbitrariness on the streets of America,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Today I will send federal service law enforcement officers and the National Guard to Keno in Wisconsin to restore law and order!” Trump made the statement after talks with Wisconsin Governor Tony Yevers, who had announced the day … Read more