Tennis Fashion in Australia

Barbora Krejčíková tries not to think much about the outfit in Australia. Head still supplies her with the same clothes, only the color of the strip changes for each grand slam. Take a look at the outfits of the world tennis players playing this year’s Australian Open. If you have encountered an error or typo … Read more

Image: Electroshocks and executions of innocents in a communist crime in Slovakia

The unique grounds of the former prison in Uherské Hradiště, where the Communists imprisoned, tortured and in several cases executed innocent victims in the 1950s, are beginning to change after many years. The transformation of the most preserved place of its kind in the Czech Republic into a monument or museum of totalitarianism was supported … Read more

Will the dwellers soon be on electricity? Mercedes-Benz introduces the Marco Polo EQV concept

Mercedes presents the concept of the Marco Polo camping model for flashlights. A residential conversion from a Swiss company was installed for the EQV electricity supply. Compared to a conventional diesel, however, it would not show an extra long range, in theory it could be a maximum of 363 km. For trips around the world … Read more

Crazy jump. The Frenchman rolled bugs in the Dakar Rally

Take a look at the photos from the crash of the French pilot Guerlain Chicherit in the fourth stage of the Dakar Rally, during which he destroyed his special buggy. If you have encountered an error or typo in the article, please let us know via contact form. Thank you! .

Sony is considering becoming a carmaker. It showed the vision of a new electric SUV

Japan’s technology conglomerate Sony is set to start Sony Mobility this spring to try to penetrate the electric vehicle market. This was announced by the head of the company Keničiró Yoshida before the start of the world fair of consumer electronics CES in the USA, who also presented the second prototype of an electric vehicle, … Read more

Dacia Spring confirms simple numbers in the test. For half a million and a half electric cars

Let’s pour clean wine in advance. Many people would like a small electric car in our country, but for three hundred thousand. The battery drive that Dacia Spring is trying to make available continues to make it quite inaccessible. The car itself is done honestly and takes on the role of unpretentious self-propelled with honor. … Read more

BMW Superbike for toys. Lego made it from 1920 cubes, it also has a functional gearbox

Lego has introduced several elaborate cars in its Technic line in recent years, but it has practically not devoted itself to motorcycles. On the very first day of 2022, however, there will also be lovers of one track. The set from which enthusiasts will be able to build a BMW M 1000 RR superbike will … Read more

Shameful result in a safety test. The electric Renault and Dacia failed

The latest round of crash tests under the Euro NCAP banner brought two big surprises. Renault is responsible for both, but it’s nothing nice. His two electric cars, the Dacia Spring and the Renault Zoe, completely failed in safety tests and received only one or no star in total. This is the third time in … Read more

Riding the roughest Skoda. Superb British police officers are not afraid of TNT or Kalashnikov

The Western world is facing an increase in organized violence and the prospects for the future are not rosy. The work of police officers is becoming increasingly risky, and armored cars are also appearing in the regular patrol service. The British have already deployed 450 Superbs in a special design, which we could try out … Read more

The shaving revolution came 120 years ago. King Gillette exchanged rough razors for razor blades

The Czech floorball players lost in their second match at the World Cup in Helsinki with Switzerland 2: 4. Thanks to this, their opponent has secured a victory in the basic group B. Coaches Petri Kettunen’s charges will fight Norway for maintaining the second position and a direct advance to the quarterfinals, with which they … Read more