Which is colder, the North Pole or the South Pole? page all

KOMPAS.com – Two the poles of the earth, The North Pole and South Pole to be the coldest place on the planet. Although it looks similar, it turns out that one is much more cold compared to others. The coldness of the North Pole and the South Pole is due to the position of both … Read more

Earth’s Pole Warms, Antarctica and Arctic Experiencing Extreme Heat

KOMPAS.com – Two poles Earth reported warming. Temperature in Antartika and Arctic experiencing strange extreme heat simultaneously. Quoted from PhysTuesday (22/3/2022), the temperature is in South Pole Earth, Antarctica is recorded to have warmed by about 40 degrees Celsius, warmer than average. While the Arctic, Arctic Pole Earth, hot temperatures reach about 30 degrees Celsius, … Read more

Study Reveals Nanoplastic Pollution Detected for the First Time at Earth’s Pole

KOMPAS.com – Pollution nanoplastics has been detected in the area the poles of the Earth for the first time. The findings of this study indicate that now these tiny particles have spread all over the world. Pollution nanoparticles Plastic smaller and more toxic than microplastics. Nanoplastics are highly toxicologically active compared to microplastics, but the … Read more