The reservoir of the Renaissance Dam is stable at 7 billion cubic meters… and an expert explains, “Is it a success or a failure?”

Dr. Abbas Sharaki, Professor of Water Resources and Geology at Cairo University, revealed the stability of the reserves AlNahda dam At 7 billion cubic meters of water, according to the latest satellite images. Dr. Sharaki explained on his page on the social networking site “Facebook”, that the satellite images showed the stability of the Renaissance … Read more

The Renaissance Dam .. the water stops at the top of the middle passage .. and an expert explains what is happening?

Dr. Abbas Sharaki said that satellite images show that the flow of water from the top of the central passageway has stoppedAlNahda damOn March 15, 2022, as expected. The professor of water resources and geology at Cairo University said, through his Facebook account: “Ethiopia opened the two drainage gates last Saturday, March 12, 2022, after … Read more

Including the collapse of the Renaissance Dam.. Irrigation: Infrastructure of the High Dam of the Nile

12:31 PM Tuesday 26 October 2021 Books – Ahmed Massad: Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, said that the Egyptian administration, represented by the ministry, is working on all circumstances and variables related to the impact of the Renaissance Dam on Egypt, noting that the ministry puts all possibilities to deal with … Read more