Eva Ayllón and her pupils from ‘La Voz Perú’ starred in an emotional nndc concert | PEOPLE

The Creole singer, Eva Ayllón takes seriously her role as couch in the singing reality shows that she participates, this is how she demonstrated it during her last concert in 2021 by sharing the stage with her pupils of the television contests’ La Voz Kids’, ‘La Voy Perú ‘and’ La Voz Senior ‘. “Tonight I … Read more

“La Voz Senior”: Eva Ayllón was moved to hear the song “Every Sunday at 12” in tango version | Latina TV | entertainment | nndc | | TVMAS

Lima, October 15, 2021Updated 10/15/2021 04:59 pm “The Senior Voice” returned to live a gala full of feelings. On this occasion, the participant Luis Ángel Reddel surprised the coaches by interpreting the song “Every Sunday at 12” in a tango version. This presentation evoked the emotion of Eva Ayllón. LOOK | “La Voz Senior”: Pepo … Read more

“La Voz Senior”: Pepo moved the coaches with an emotional presentation dedicated to his son in heaven | entertainment | nndc | TVMAS

Lima, October 13, 2021Updated 10/13/2021 09:27 pm “The Senior Voice” lived another night full of emotions during the elimination gala. The singer Pepo Orozco, a member of Daniela Darcourt’s team, managed to move the coaches with his interpretation of “Never die.” As indicated by the participant during a talk before his presentation, this song evokes … Read more

“La Voz Senior”: Duo Pimpinela eliminates participant after considering that he chose his repertoire wrong | nndc celebrity | SHOWS

Updated on 10/06/2021 10:23 pm El reality musical “The Senior Voice”Entered the elimination stage, and tonight each of the coaches must eliminate a member of their team, before moving on to the concert phase. The first eliminated on Wednesday was Denys Torres from Daniela Darcourt’s team. While Jorge Bendezú (from the Pimpinela team) was the … Read more

Eva Ayllón sent a clear message to a participant of “La Voz Senior” who sang “Ritmo, color y flavor” | FARANDULA | nndc | SHOWS

Updated on 10/05/2021 10:20 pm The second night of battles in “The Senior Voice”She began loaded with emotions. The first team to open the gala was Eva Ayllón, where three participants (Maby Curich, Luis Ángel and Roberto Pascasio) gave their best on stage. The first to take the stage of “La Voz Senior” was Maby … Read more

La Voz Senior: Ronald Hidalgo criticizes Tony Succar’s decision to eliminate his father

The father of Ronald Hidalgo, remembered imitator of Juan Gabriel in “Yo Soy”, Leo Hidalgo, joined “La Voz Senior” to show your talent. However, in the knockout battles he could not beat his competitors -Eduardo Barrón and Yetzaida Pérez- since Tony Succar, his coach, chose Barrón as the winner. This elimination of the also imitator … Read more

Rating: “Queens of the Show” vs “La Voz Senior”: Which program topped the ranking on Saturday, September 18?

Gisela Valcárcel and “Queens of the Show“they led the rating Saturday September 18 with 12.2 points in the table. The dance reality show was full of moments of tension, one of them was when Emilia Drago could not compete due to a broken rib. On the other hand, there was a quarrel between Milena Zárate … Read more

Rating: How many points did Queens of Show 2, La Voz Senior, JB in ATV and more | Farándula | SHOWS

THE RATING IS OUT! On Saturday, September 11, the second installment of Reinas del Show 2 was experienced, with several controversies such as the message from Gisela Valcárcel to Magaly Medina, the confrontation between Milena Zárate and Melissa Paredes and the permanence of Lady Guillén in reality thanks to the blonde driver. Has the Senito … Read more

The senior voice: Eva Ayllón and Lucía Galán left the set after an uncomfortable moment with Daniela Darcourt

A new contestant was present on the set of The senior voice. This time, it was the Cuban Charity Plaza, who made his debut last Friday, September 10. After performing the bolero “Black tears ” (1930) by Miguel Matamoros, Daniela Darcourt and Eva Ayllón They turned their chairs with the intention of taking her to … Read more

La Voz Senior Eva Ayllón to Daniela Darcourt: You do what you want

After the performance of the participant Leonor Carhuas in “The Senior Voice”, Eva Ayllón and Daniela Darcourt They had another discussion since the sauce boat did not respect the space that is given to the coaches to make their return. “I turned first, just in case, because here they are going to offer you everything,” … Read more