SUMMER SERIES: Until fourteen years ago, Patsy Van der Meren was one of the regular characters from Thuis and is now mainly a mom: “I really come home in the Pajottenland” (Gooik)

Patsy with son Jef and daughter Charlotte. “I would like to act again.” — ©  idh Gooik – For ten years, Patsy Van der Meeren (46) from Gooik played the role of Marie in Home on Een and she was one of the key figures in the popular soap. Every evening she sat like that … Read more

Vedette in France and George Lucas tied him up for Indiana Jones, yet Ronny is unknown in Flanders (Wervik)

Ronny Coutteure was not only a celebrated actor, he also loved beer. “Beer is liquid friendship.” — ©  AFP Wervik – All francophone channels cited his passing as the main point, in Flanders it was a footnote in the newspaper. Ronny Coutteure, born in Wervik in 1951, gained fame as an actor, but was forgotten. … Read more