This Morning, Metro Jaya Regional Police Reveal the Mystery of Yodi Prabowo’s Death Page all

JAKARTA, – The case of the death of Metro TV Editor Yodi Prabowo slowly began to progress. Metro Jaya Regional Police plans to uncover the mystery of Yodi Prabowo’s death today, Saturday (7/25/2020) at 10:00 WIB. Previously, Yodi Prabowo was found dead on the edge of the JORR Toll Road in Ulujami, Pesanggrahan, South … Read more

Before Death, Metro TV Editor Yodi Prabowo Meets Girlfriends and Other Women at Cafe Halaman all

JAKARTA, – Turinah, mother of Metro TV editor Yodi Prabowo, revealed that there was a third party figure namely a woman in Yodi’s love affair and her boyfriend, Suci Fitri. Turinah said, the woman’s initials L was based on Yodi’s girlfriend. Yodi, Suci, and L are said to have met at a cafe near … Read more