the Standard player should not be prosecuted

Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 10:22 a.m. The Norwegian has been reprimanded but shouldn’t be penalised, however. Standard midfielder Aron Donnum was caught driving without a driver’s license in Tongeren last week. According to our information, the Norwegian was actually learning to drive with his partner. The only problem: according to Belgian law, … Read more

Very bad surprise for Erwin at Decathlon… when he hadn’t even left the store: “How is this possible?”

Published on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 12:14 p.m. This father was very happy to pick up his new electric bike… but he didn’t see it for a long time. So that’s bad news! Erwin Lambrechts, a resident of Puurs (province of Antwerp) had a very bad surprise after buying a bike from the Decathlon … Read more

CO2 Gas Covers Roads, Residents of Cimoene Tangerang Panic – Residents and motorists were panicked by the appearance of CO2 gas that enveloped the area on Jalan Gatot Subroto, Cimone, Tangerang City, Wednesday (6/7) morning. The foggy conditions also caused traffic jams. Karawaci Police Chief Kompol Hasoloan Situmorang confirmed that currently the traffic situation has returned to normal. The fog from CO2 gas … Read more

Microsoft’s 6-episode Xbox documentary containing the black history of the “Three Reds” wins Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Single Shot Editing #playstation 2 (178762)

The original Xbox prototype was to disassemble a Dell laptop and reassemble it into a Windows-based game console, hoping to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 2 at the time and try to consolidate Microsoft’s position in the gaming market. Microsoft celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Xbox last year, launchingA total of 6 episodes of the … Read more

We can now deploy troops in Eastern Europe, Moscow has violated the agreement with NATO

NATO allies believe that the Russian Federation’s actions against Ukraine violate the NATO-Russia Founding Act, so that the restrictions on the deployment of Allied forces in Eastern and Central Europe are no longer valid. This was stated on Wednesday by the US Ambassador to NATO Julian Smith, speaking at a conference of the Washington Center … Read more

An unexpected turn in the war in Ukraine is imminent

Russia will be defeated in the war that has begun against Ukraine if NATO joins it. And this will happen soon. This was stated by Russian historian Yuri Felshtinsky in an interview with the Ukrainian edition of “Apostrophe”. Yuri Felshtinsky co-authored with Alexander Litvinenko the book The Explosion of Russia, which describes the horrific methods … Read more

Nearly 130 patients treated at the Red Cross aid station during the combat in Mons

Sunday, Juin 12, 2022 – 13:58 With two years of absence, the dragon had gathered forces but Saint George has lost none of his fervor. And the strong man of Mons won his fight! ********** ** ****** **** ** ********* **** **** ** ************ ** ****** *** * ** ** ******* ** ********* ** ** … Read more

Causes of Headaches That Must Be Known, Don’t Take It For granted

Illustration of a headache. Shutterstock/9nong – Headache Pain is felt in the head area or is an uncomfortable sensation felt in the head area. Headaches are generally classified as primary headaches and secondary headaches, then are divided into certain types of headaches. Primary headache disorders are headaches that are “idiopathic” in nature, headaches that … Read more

Video – The moment the boxer was injured and punched in the air, then fell and died

It was announced in South Africa that boxer Simiso Buthelezi had died of a cerebral hemorrhage in the tenth round of the fight for the African lightweight title, which he collected with his compatriot Civicel Mentongua. A frightening video of the fight spread, showing a confused fighter in the ring, to the point that he … Read more

NATO countries do not want to supply tanks and aircraft to Ukraine

There are tacit agreements between NATO member countries not to supply tanks and combat aircraft to Ukraine. This is reported by the German agency DPA and edition of Die Zeit with reference to sources. Interlocutors of the German media say that NATO countries, despite their support for Ukraine, seek to prevent a direct confrontation between … Read more