Mysterious Radio Signals from Outside the Galaxy Make Scientists Curious – Radio signals 9 billion light years from Earth were detected in record-breaking footage last week. reported that the signal was detected by a unique wavelength known as the “21 centimeter line” or “hydrogen line”, which is emitted by neutral hydrone atoms. The signal was picked up by the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo: “If you sign for Real Madrid then…”

InterviewCristiano Ronaldo has won the Champions League four times in his nine years with Real Madrid. The Portuguese world star looks back, speaks of an obsession of the royals after the handle cup: “You always think about it.” Photo: Curto de la Torre/AFP via Getty Images“> Enlarge Ronaldo wore the Real Madrid shirt for nine … Read more

“I went there once in my life, when we went to the zoo with the school”

Willy was recently fined for driving his tractor in Antwerp, in the low emission zone. “Antwerp? I went there once in my life, when we went to the zoo with the school”, reacts, perplexed, the octogenarian with our colleagues from HLN. The license plate indicated on the fine is however that of his tractor. The … Read more

Isabelle, 40, killed by the father of her two children, while they were waiting for them in the living room…

This Tuesday, 12 jurors will be selected to judge the fate of a 47-year-old Belgian suspected of having killed his ex-partner on April 23, 2020 in Sint-Pauwels. That day, Isabelle, a 40-year-old resident of Edegem, went to her ex-companion to pick up their two children, aged 8 and 9 at the time. Isabelle and B., … Read more

Everyone’s mistake! First the infection starts and then…

Symptoms of conjunctivitis include redness in one or both eyes, itching or burning sensation in the eye, sensitivity to light or the blinking action of the eye, swelling of the eyelids, a gritty or rough feeling in the eyes, discharge that accumulates during the night and hardens in the morning, causing difficulty in opening the … Read more

What Happened If Dinosaurs Didn’t Go Extinct? Scientists Have the Picture – About 66 million years ago, the Earth, which was ruled by various species of dinosaurs, had to undergo major changes. The change occurred when an asteroid as large as 10 kilometers with a force of 10 billion atomic bombs hit Earth. The blow caused earthquake earth, tsunami, to the death of 90 percent … Read more

After a Polio Case was Found, 1,000 Children in Pidie were Immunized – As many as 1,000 children began receiving polio immunization in Pidie District, Aceh, after the finding that the polio virus was infecting children in the area some time ago. The administration of mass polio immunization was centered on the Sigli City Square field. Attended by the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control … Read more

Do you dream of becoming a creator, then… BenQ PD2506Q Eye Care Flawless

Now, with just one smartphone, you can take photos and videos and edit them. That’s why online spaces such as YouTube and Instagram are overflowing with all kinds of content, but the content that many people are interested in is still filmed with a high-definition camera and completed through elaborate editing work. Photo and video … Read more