Jaap van Baar, PSV’s financial director, thinks the distribution of money in the Champions League is skewed

Ask PSV supporters which game has been most decisive for this season and chances are they will mention the home game against Rangers FC at the end of August. Small defeat (0-1), major sporting and financial consequences: no Champions League in Eindhoven for the fourth time in a row. Nevertheless, Jaap van Baar, financial director … Read more

We FINALLY know what Serge Thériault thinks of the new episodes of La petite vie

Even if Serge Thériault remains far from the cameras because of his state of health, the actor still has a very big place in the hearts of many Quebecers. Following the announcement of the official return of the show The Little Life, he received a gigantic wave of love on social media. My dear Serge, … Read more

Claude Meunier reveals what Serge Thériault thinks of the new episodes of La petite vie

Claude Meunier has returned to writing to take all of Quebec by surprise with new episodes of La petite vie, 30 years later! Over the course of six half-hours, we will find the incredible adventures of endearing characters who have marked Quebec television history, with the exception of Môman. Meeting with the famous Pôpa, who … Read more

‘Final Fantasy 16’ producer thinks ‘JRPG’ is discriminatory – GamePolitics

The term “JRPG” is a commonly used abbreviation for role-playing games that come from Japan. One, if not the most well-known franchise of this genre is the “Final Fantasy” games, the 16th part of which – not counting offshoots, expansions and remakes – is scheduled to be released in summer 2023.

Toilet teacher Augustien (88) from Assen stops, because Hema installs payment gate and family thinks it was nice. “Do you know another place I could continue?”

Toilet teacher Augustien Arends-Parinussa (88) from Assen stops. During a thorough renovation, the Hema places a payment gate at the toilets. Saturday is Augustien’s last day. “I am sad, but grateful.” Who in Assen does not know her. For years toilet attendant Augustien Arends-Parinussa sat with a saucer at the toilets of V&D in Assen. … Read more

the war – Thinks the wrong man has been appointed

The international community is shocked after the video of an unarmed Ukrainian soldier being executed went around the world at the beginning of the week. – This is a crystal clear war crime, said Arne Bård Dalhaug, retired lieutenant general and former OSCE observer in Donbas, to Dagbladet. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has already launched an … Read more

Klaveness thinks she is losing votes in her own election campaign – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

Klaveness is in the middle of an election campaign that will be decided at the Uefa congress in Lisbon on April 5. She has already met with a number of football presidents, and far more are on the way. The NFF and Klaveness have, by their own admission, left “a little above the radar”. An … Read more

Super times among the rivals – thinks the “Ingebrigtsen effect” may be the explanation

Jakob Ingebrigtsen himself has had a good indoor season with a comfortable victory in the 1500 meters in Liévin and two European Championship golds in Istanbul. The Norwegian, who went through a long period of illness at the start of the year, set a Norwegian record in the 3000 meters in Turkey with a time … Read more

Unfolding a famous sculptor, deceiving a handsome young man to blow his head clear hint before braking… Not a person who thinks!

A famous page, Esor Khrue Khuo 2 famous sculptor deceiving a child blowing his head English one word Made many people connect to this brother… Before hurrying to brake quickly, not the person who thinks With additional hints, there are 3 victims. There is a story coming out that the taro legs can’t sleep again … Read more