Thinks Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be compared: – He is extraterrestrial

1 / 4 Photo: Photo: Friedemann Vogel/EPA Photo: Photo: Georgi Licovski/EPA Photo: Photo: Friedemann Vogel/EPA Photo: Photo: LAURENT GILLIERON / EPA previous in this full screen Photo: Photo: Friedemann Vogel/EPA DOHA/OSLO (VG) He failed from the penalty spot, but Lionel Messi (35) did just about everything but score in the harbor arena in Doha. Published: … Read more

Additional insurance in the healthcare sector could be from 2025 or 2026, Válek thinks

According to him, the possibility of additional insurance would have to be introduced gradually, the new system could work from 2025 or 2026. Two weeks ago, at the TOP 09 program conference, Válek spoke about the possibility of introducing higher standards in the healthcare sector. A day later, however, he stated that he was not … Read more

Marie thinks she sees a snake in Grâce-Hollogne and calls the firefighters: “One of them laughed, the other got angry”

Marie and her friend had a big fright on their way home from school. They come across what they think is a snake. They sent us the video of it via the orange Alert us button. On the way home from school, Marie (assumed name) and her friend chat as usual. The two young girls, … Read more

The old version of “Luigi” actor thinks the new version of “Super Mario” “lacks soul” because there are no Italian actors | 4Gamers

John Leguizamo, who played Luigi in the 1993 film “Super Mario,” recently criticized the new version of “Super Mario,” which will be released on April 7, 2023, and believes that neither actor is Italian… .. Interview from an IndieWireJohn Leguizamo’s “broken thoughts” on the new work is not only that, he revealed that he recently … Read more

Anyone who thinks Meloni will pay for the Gemmato case hasn’t understood how sovereignty works

Marcello Gemmato who doubts the effectiveness of vaccines on TV, since there is no “reverse proof”, is like Silvio Berlusconi who explains to Bruno Vespa that Vladimir Putin in Ukraine only wanted to replace Volodymyr Zelensky with a government of “respectable people”. Given that TV intimidates and excites, intimidates and galvanizes anyone – even Berlusconi, … Read more

[Myocardial infarction]A 70-year-old man hiccups for several days and mistakenly thinks he is stagnant and sent to hospital to reveal myocardial infarction – Hong Kong Economic Daily – TOPick – Health – Doctor’s Clinic

Many people think that “burping” is just caused by overeating or flatulence, and take it lightly. However, some doctors pointed out that if the “hiccup” persists for several days, it is a major warning signal for health at any time. A 70-year-old male patient even reported myocardial infarction due to “hiccup”. Latest Videos: The Japanese … Read more

China has finally said what it thinks about the war in Ukraine. Putin will not be happy

Chinese officials are increasingly worried about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In addition, according to high-ranking American officials, President Vladimir Putin’s words about the use of nuclear weapons are also causing embarrassment. China has long held back on the issue of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. However, at the summit in Cambodia, the Chinese premier was expected to … Read more

Lazio, anti-Juve dress rehearsals: Sarri thinks of a surprise solution in defense | A league

Finishing in Formello this morning for the Lazio. Sarri did the general training rehearsals, even if they are at least 3 doubts that will be dissolved only close to the match tomorrow against Juventus. The first concerns the attack: Immobile is a candidate to return from the 1st minute, but today Felipe Anderson was again … Read more

Son in the national team, then Irgl returned to Třinec. Respect like that is not carried around much, he thinks

Although Zbyněk Irgl has not yet officially announced the end of his career, there is significantly less hockey in his life. However, he enjoyed two holiday events on Thursday and Friday. He first saw the debut of his son Denis in the goal of the national team, a day later he went out on the … Read more