l’autre Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 ? – THM Magazine

Developped by 5 Lives Studios and published by Deep Silver, Windbound is a survival game available today August 28, 2020 for PC, Xbox, Stadia, PC (Steam, Epic Game Store, GOG and Humble Bundle) and Nintendo Switch. Our full test! Windbound, le test ! In this adventure filled with assumed Breath of the Wild inspirations, you … Read more

[Vidéo] Discovering the LEGO Super Mario pack – Nintendo Entertainment System – THM Magazine

As you most certainly know, Nintendo and LEGO signed a historic partnership a few months ago. The latter will allow the LEGO firm to offer very soon (early August in fact) packs inspired by the Super Mario Bros license. The two groups will launch various packs, which will take up several universes of the famous … Read more